Friday, February 13, 2009

johann hari's followup in the independent

feb 13th, 2009

this guy continues to claim that he is a secularist and that he is not going to withdraw his opinion. but i think he's going to lose it in increasingly mohammedan limey-land. they are going to shut him down. can't offend the mohammedans in any way, you know. they are paying us limeys. 

however, note his emphasis on anti-mohammedan pogroms in india. the ELM has succeeded in creating a world-wide 'fact' that hindus are out there killing '2000 mohammedans' all the time. (thanks a lot, cedric "invention is the necessity of mothers" prakash!) 

see how well "truth by repeated assertion" works? just like 'saint' thomas' alleged arrival in india is now a 'fact' (why, even that great bowel-movement historian william dalrymple says "thomas could have come to india." yes, the moon could be made of green cheese)


blogger said...

Look at the drift in his tone from aggressive to passive appeasing by taking Hindus down with him. Oh I am not against Islam like wilders but only for gay rights and against mythical Anti-Muslim pogrom by Hindus. I don't blame his for appeasing because all with rational views on Islam are feeling alone very fast but jerk should have taken down Hindus with him.

blogger said...

I meant...jerk should not have taken down Hindus with him.

blogger said...

Please read my take on this issue: "Johann Hari has Hindu Phobia". Thanks!