Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Indian Express thinks saving national honor is terrorism

feb 3rd, 2009

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The Editor,
Indian Express

Mr./Ms. Editor,

"Hindu activists attack missionary school" - http://www.indianexpress.com/news/hindu-terrorists-strike-again/418392/

I am totally aghast with this article in your newspaper. Why is the link mentioned above using a communal derogatory mythical term like "Hindu terrorists" while in the title of the article it says "Hindu activists"? I think its about time that Indian Express grows out of its Anti-Hindu bigotries or get itself a new dictionary. Last time I checked, Activists and Terrorists were not interchangeable words like (mis)used in this case. On one hand you are fielding for the so called "minorities" in your article even when clearly the principal of that Christian school insulted the National Anthem as he clearly holds his mythological religion over the national honor. Then on the other hand you are calling Hindus as terrorists for trying to save their national honor. Its a separate issue whether they attacked the school or not. Call them transgressor or any such synonym if you really have to. It is clear that the principal of that school believes that he is a Christian before he is an Indian. Just imagine what kind of education he must be imparting on innocent children with such treacherous attitude. But really, shame on the editor of Indian Express for calling those who save national honor as terrorists. Might as well remove the word Indian from your newspaper's name if you are so ashamed of being one.


Dallas, TX


blogger said...

Indian set on fire in Italy; 3 arrested


blogger said...

Four Indians held in Spain for terror links


If they were Hindus, media would have gone crazy by now. Amazingly, they didn't use the word muslim even once in the article.

Chris said...

As per GOI, only one is held and his name is Jaganjeet Singh. Could be false news to show the 'innocence' of Muslims

blogger said...

Kalyan Singh says sorry for demolishing the encroachment. What a wimp!



"Who are Muslims to forgive those who demolished the mosque..? Let him apologise to Allah for his crime,'' Maulana Hameed Noamani of Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind said.

Ashish said...

The principal of the school needs to pay a little visit to


He needs to see how this Roman-created 'jesus' fiction was enforced by inquisitors, conquistadors, colonizers, and power-hungry "clergy":


What next, is this sainted "principal" going to sue people for not believing in Santa Claus? Jeee-eeez (pun intended).