Friday, May 01, 2009

india's exports plunge 33%

may 1, 2009
what was manmohan saying? he wanted another 100 days to complete the mayhem he has been carrying for the last 5 years?


Anonymous said...

I am no supporter of MM or Congress
but why he is being blamed for a global recession. Do you honestly think if BJP was in power this would not have happened. I mean, economies of economic giants like US, Japan, Germany is contracting. China is also seeing precipitous drop in exports. So why should India be an exception?

If anything I would say that this recession has been an eye opener. All those MBAs worldwide have been proved to be nothing but windbags. Indian MBAs were telling that global recession would not affect us as India does not depend as much on exports as China is. Well this is clearly not true and India got sc**wed much worse than anyone envisioned.

nizhal yoddha said...

manmohan deserves blame for all sorts of things. in particular, his claim that he will fix everything in 100 days, when he has had 5 years in which he did nothing, or perhaps did only the worst possible things, should make him a laughingstock when he says such things.

besides, turnabout is fair play. perhaps you don't recall that when the price of onions rose during BJP rule, the kkkangress demanded that the BJP should resign. that was an act of god, excess rainfall.

now this is an act of man, where manmohan and company have not done anything useful in the wake of the recession. china's exports have tumbled even faster, but they went out and bought lots of assets at fire-sale prices, including copper mines, oil pipelines, etc. what has the 'nightmare team' of manmohan singh done? it has been busy covering up quattrochi's trail and exonerating him, and fending off any investigation into the loot stashed in swiss banks.

manmohan is indeed the worst PM we have ever had: a footman promoted to be a puppet. and it is increasingly clear he is indeed the 'mole' that jaswant singh referred to.

Maald said...

Six days and sixteen posts, not one comment. That is something!