Sunday, May 24, 2009

wsj echoes obama's line: india should "draw down", ie abandon kashmir

may 24th, 2009
this is to be expected, as to the yanks, india is expendable. (especially to obama, for reasons we have discussed before).
what is a little surprising is that indians have started echoing this.
there was an article in mint by some guys who run a 'national interest' magazine on the web, and they too were suggesting this idiocy.
i suppose this will mean there will be a full-court press soon to convince indians about how desirable it is to let all the taliban come into india, just so that pakistani nuclear weapons will be safe, and the americans can declare victory and go home. actually, we already have the taliban in india (does anybody realize that the taliban go by deoband's ideas? and there are a number mohammedans in kerala who are going to kashmir to kill indian soldiers).


DarkStorm said...

"national interest" magazine on the web.. hmmm.. i guess I recall them. I used to read them but I stopped when they became too boring, full of long-winded paragraphs without hitting the nail on the head. Their good authors left them, it seems.

AGworld said...

the said blog is at

The article in question had a deeply flawed viewpoint, so lets criticise that without writing them all off shall we?

Nitin and Yossrin continue to write very well argued, cogent articles. Their blogs continue to be of a very high standard.

Unique Perception said...

Which article by N.I. are you refering to..??

DarkStorm said...


Regarding Yossarin, I agree. I am not sure about Nitin. He seems to be confused between pseudo-secularism and national interest.

Cant really say if they have found their old touch, I havent read them since quite a while.

I recall they had some good bloggers like catapult and cynical nerd (both of whom have been dormant for a long time). Seems like they have left them, especially after the focus of the site shifted from national interest.

Incognito said...

"national interest"

question is which nation's ?

They are apparently advocating abandoning of saffron for white. Something they call 'Swetha Chatthra'.

Whose 'Chattra' is another question. White color as of the sisters of RoL or Swat(Swetha) as of the brothers of RoP ?

S said...

i have looked at pragati, which is handsomely produced. the content is a little weak, and has become diluted so that it is becoming hard to distinguish from the usual-suspect pseudo-secular web publications, which is a shame. it looks like become more establishment-type means taking on the idiocies of the nehruvian stalinist mentality.

nizhal yoddha, as 's'