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Europe rejects electronic voting

may 24th, 2009
do the europeans know something we don't?
EVMs have been rejected as unconstitutional by the germans. also see note in passing about how in 2004 indian evms were stuffed. odd that newsweek doesn't say anything about 2009 india elections. but then guess who is editor of newsweek -- yes, farid zakaria, pal of the nehru dynasty.

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We Do Not Trust Machines
The people reject electronic voting.

By Evgeny Morozov | NEWSWEEK
Published May 23, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Jun 1, 2009

When Ireland embarked on an ambitious e-voting scheme in 2006 that would
dispense with "stupid old pencils," as then–prime minister Bertie Ahern put
it, in favor of fancy touchscreen voting machines, it seemed that the nation
was embracing its technological future. Three years and €51 million later,
in April, the government scrapped the entire initiative. High costs were one
concern—finishing the project would take another €28 million. But what
doomed the effort was a lack of trust: the electorate just didn't like that
the machines would record their votes as mere electronic blips, with no
tangible record.

One doesn't have to be a conspiracy theorist or a Luddite to understand the
fallibility of electronic voting machines. As most PC users by now know,
computers have bugs, and can be hacked. We take on this security risk in
banking, shopping and e-mailing, but the ballot box must be perfectly
sealed. At least that's what European voters seem to be saying. Electronic
voting machines do not meet this standard.

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