Saturday, May 23, 2009

orwellian: the word 'holy' in christism

may 20th, 2009
when white christists say something is 'holy', it usually means the exact opposite, in an orwellian way.
'holy' land == stinking desert full of bloodthirsty barbarians killing each other
'holy' see == place where some of the worst human-rights atrocities were dreamt up, eg. the inquisition
'holy' bible == see the skeptics' annotated bible on the net. if this is of divine origin, that god is pretty pathetic
'holy' father == guy who rapes young boys, keeps sex-slave nuns, etc
'holy' ghost == sort of like 'caspar the friendly ghost'? christists themselves are embarrassed about this because they just swiped the idea of the 'trinity' from hinduism (creator, sustainer, destroyer), and then didn't know what to do with it. they could have said, 'father, son and mother', but no, how could that be reconciled to their endemic misogyny? so this lame 'ghost' was invented. if the father is god and the son is son of god, why do you need a third wheel? this is what comes when you steal ideas without understanding them
'holy' roman empire == bunch of murderous godmen and kings who ran around creating the dark ages, when christists were so benighted that mohammedans actually looked much more enlightened than them
i am sure you know of other 'holy' stuff, please feel free to post the actual translations.

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