Sunday, May 17, 2009

rajeev on rediff about the aftermath of the elections and possible EVM fraud

may 17th, 2009


Sujit said...


Just coming after the Saturday debacle, reading your pessimistic article is another kick on the face. Man dont be so pessimistic. There are many like me, I am sure, over whose deadbodies only, this sacred land will go towards breaking up again.
We will win, may be this will also turn up to be just another cog in the wheel. The truth will ultimately triumph.
Keep the faith.

Sudhir said...


I think you have written this article bit too early. Why not give some time to UPA and then be judgemental.

The last 5 years they claim to be under pressure from the left. Now that they are free from it lets see if they perform. If not then criticize. I hope they perform because in the end it is India that matters.

san said...

The problem is that the Congress Party cares more about the Congress Party, than it cares about India. This is a guarantee.

Nationalist parties are of course the other way, as it should be. They care more about the country than about their own parties. That's why they adopt the tough but important positions that are needed to keep the country alive and progressing.

The Congress can rack up debt for the country by buying votes with populist policies, like raising rural wages. Sure, we'd all love to see rural living standards go up with higher wages, but if those higher wages are based on borrowing, then it's all based on a lie.

The Congress govt can't go on borrowing forever, as it's already begun to erode India's sovereign debt rating. If there's no more money left to spend, and no way to borrow more, then how is this mirage going to continue?

It's important that we not just live to feel good for the day, but understand that we have to deal with the consequences for tomorrow.
Otherwise, we won't survive beyond today, and will perish tomorrow.

M. Patil said...

Hi Rajeev,

Past is past, we cannot undo the 2009 election. However, in the next election the opposition must demand a paper trail. Or else, we can start wondering if the BJP is trying to commit suicide.


nizhal yoddha said...

m. patil, actually the election *can* be undone, if serious fraud is proven.

i urge you to see the greatest political film of all time, costa-gavras' 'Z'. there are parallels here. a popular (it so happens he's left-wing) contender for president in greece is assassinated. the judge doing the investigation soon realizes it was a conspiracy by the (right-wing) ruling party. i won't give away the ending, suffice to say that the wheels of justice do grind exceedingly fine.

parties will do anything to hold on to power. there have been assassinations too, disguised as 'accidents'. (which was a prominent feature in 'z' when it came to prosection witnesses.)

Aj said...

No doubt about the massive EVM fraud in this election ex. Chidambaram. A few years back in a by-election in my constituency the congress MP won with meager 157 votes and surprisingly the number of votes on the counting day are more than the number of votes on the polling day. Never underestimate the power of CONgress. Let's ensure we have a paper record for the next election.

M. Patil said...

Hi Rajeev,

It is very difficult to prove 'fraud'. Already the national and international media is going rapturous over the results. Those who lost are too shell shocked to even suspect EVM manipulation. Surprisingly the Commies are quiet too ! Indians seem to be having way too much faith in EVMs.

Does BJP have any media presence to investigate EVMs? Is it even remotely possible that any of the leading channels would question the possibility of EVM fraud. I doubt it.

If you have any contacts with the BJP media folks you should ask them to spend a little money and do some post poll survey of those who voted. Raw data from those who voted is invaluable. If this survey is done in Mumbai and Delhi it could give valuble insight into how the urban voter voted and why.

I will watch the 'Z' movie this weekend.

Malavika Patil