Monday, May 18, 2009

Mumbai goes to UPA, courtesy MNS

may 18th, 2009
sounds acutely suspicious.
have all mumbaikars forgotten 11/26? very unlikely. people are sensitive to their personal security and that of their loved ones.
so the surmise is that EVM fraud happened with a vengeance in mumbai (and delhi).

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Mumbai goes to UPA, courtesy MNS
17 May 2009, 0157 hrs IST, Sunando Sarkar, TNN

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M. Patil said...

Amazing, a person(MNS) who never won a parlimentary election in his life managed to win Mumbai for his party !

EVM miracles never end.

Rajeev, is there anyone doing a post poll survey of the voting patterns of people of Mumbai or for that matter Rajastan? I hope BJP gets out of this sulking mode and starts being pro active.


ramesh said...

i am not to sure about this. indians (read hindus) have the amazing knack of behaving like ostriches. I have a kashmiri pundit (KP) friend. He told me that when these people got booted out of kashmir, one of the parties which did a lot for them (in maharashtra) was the shiv sena (seats in colleges, etc.)Come election and all these KPs voted for kaangress!!! What i mean is that mumbaikers are quite capable of voting for the kaangress despite 11/26. Hindus pressed the self-destruct button a long time ago.