Monday, May 18, 2009

behold the future of india: peace and love break out on a beach in kerala

may 17th, 2009
in a clash between the RoP and the RoL on the coast near trivandrum, four RoP people were killed and a few RoL houses were gutted. i guess this is a mini-crusade?
the communist government immediately announced grants of rs. 10 lakh to each of the RoP guys' next of kin. (but naturally.)
this is the second time in a couple of years that RoL and RoP have engaged in this kind of lovefest.
the last time, the RoL guys were quite upset at the alacrity with which the government rebuilt the RoP houses. apparently, then the provocation was some overtures by some young men of peace to some young women of the love variety.
not known what caused peace and love to break out this time. but i suspect the peace people are in shock that they too can die (from too much luuuuuv). normally their job is to kill, not die. i am sure that there will an enquiry by both ratzy and the USCIRF into this, or maybe they will keep quiet because the love people were clearly doing the loving.
enquiring minds might want to know why no hindus were killed.
well, isn't it obvious? the hindus have already been given their choice: convert, die or flee. there are no hindus left on the coast. the great 'saint' francis xavier converted the fishermen at gunpoint (but with great love) some centuries ago, and now the peaceful people, flush with arab money and pakistani counterfeit rupees, are buying up the coast, much to the chagrin of the the love guys.
when your flight lands in trivandrum, you can see four or five pink or green mosques, some of them monstrously large and brand new, and six or seven churches, complete with red neon crosses on top, beckoning. the one old hindu temple there, a devi temple, has been given a present by the communists -- a giant 50-feet-long statue of a voluptuous, big-breasted, half-naked, obviously sexually aroused woman, which is placed strategically just in front of the temple.
this is a sneak preview of india's future, now that the elections have been stolen. mughalistan, meet christiststan. and oh, i don't know why the christists are not pontificating about 'unity' as they usually do in this instance. what, no 'unity' with mohammedans, eh, christists?

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