Wednesday, May 20, 2009

see google trends on EVMs, as well as the stats/index on the page with the indiresan report on EVMs

may 20th, 2009
interesting. a lot of people are apparently paying attention to the EVMs because the possible fraud looks so feasible.


senthil said...


What would be your answer for the certification provided for the EVM's.

I believe, these are theoritical certifications, and the operational integrity is not even considered here..

Please see subramanya swamy's press release well before the election during april..

The Congress Party President Ms.Sonia Gandhi seeing the imminent collapse of the UPA has set-up a seven member ‘crisis management’ team of foreigners based in a five star hotel in Delhi. This is a serious threat India’s national security.
While the names of all seven members are available with me, I am gathering the detailed antecedents of these dirty seven. The first member identified for me is an obscure UK-based journalist called Mr.David Green who has written for London tabloids on “snack foods”. He was easy to identify because he is often seen-by SPG at the residence of Ms.Sonia Gandhi reading secret files being made available to her by some Ministers and bureaucrats. Indian intelligence is being blocked by the Home Minister P.Chidambaram from investigating whether Ms.Green is an operative for British Intelligence, the MI-6.
One of the tasks assigned to this nefarious team is how to doctor the electronic voting machines in about 50 constituencies by using dual passwords technique and by hacking via wireless cyber techniques.

Non Carborundum said...

Senthil, Rajeev

Look at the last two lines of the press release. Perhaps the embedded transmitter / receiver theory is not mere conjecture (see my reply on Rajeev's post "linux journal (2004) on EVM fraud").

This is serious sh##. It's not some joke and one's interest in this is certainly not plainly academic.

This is frightening. If only George Orwell were alive; he could get so much fodder for another dystopian novel.

I hope some of the readers of this blog who have backgrounds in electronics, telecom, IT etc could shed some light on what "dual passwords technique" and "wireless cyber techniques" mean in layman terms.

nizhal yoddha said...

senthil, i had seen this from swamy at the time, but didn't take it seriously. but now it takes on sinister overtones.

non carbodundum, i don't know what those terms mean, but they sound a little bogus. i don't remmeber them as part of the standard literature. do a google search for electronic voting machine fraud and you'll get a fair number of articles.

nizhal yoddha said...

senthil, i think the committee headed by professor indiresan (whom i have met) did what they were chartered to do: investigate the EVMs. that doesn't mean they woould have exhaustively enumerated all ways of rigging them.

Raja said...

Hi guys!
Incidentally, the May 2009 issue of IEEE's computer magazine carries a host of technical articles on Electronic Voting Systems! One such article I am currently reading "Trustworthy Voting:From Machine to System" sums up what we all are talking about and how to come up with a fool proof system. It is indeed an eye opener! This paper is co-authored by Andrew S. Tanenbaum (a well known name in the computer science are with books on net working and OS).

Look at this quote from the paper "the voting machine's manufacturer might include software to cast, say, every 30th vote for its favourite candidate"! Need we say more?

Seemingly, the vrije university, amsterdam, where Tanenbaum et al work, have developed hardware and software for Electronic Voting that address all concerns of misuse at every step of the voting process. They view this as a systemic issue and not a machine specific one. Also look at another quote "at each design step, one should anticipate attacks at a level that borders on paranoia"....

I always wonder whether BJP guys are all that intelligent. They should adopt the wiliness of congress. I am afraid that it is too late now. The least they can do now is to have the EVMs rigged in the states they are in power...

blogger said...

Rajeev, check this out. Dr. Swamy has mentioned EVM fraud happened in 75 constituencies.

nizhal yoddha said...

raja, thanks for the pointer. can you provide links for those who are not IEEE members so we can read the abstracts at least of these papers?

Non Carborundum said...

Good old Wikipedia

"Various forms of statistics can be indicators for election fraud e.g. exit polls which are very different from the final results."

Raja said...

I have only the print edition with me as I am an IEEE member. I have access to their online digital library as well. But, strangely, they are not uptodate of late in pulishing simultaneously the electronic version of the magazine. They are 2 issues behind.

I will send you the links when they are made available. If you are interested, I can even download the PDF version of it and send it to you guys. I am sure you know the restrictions that come with IEEE membership in distributing such articles but I trust you guys :-)

Raja said...

Know what? When I log into IEEE, I can not find the relevant issues. But google it and there you find it! I will take it up with IEEE anyway.....

Here is the complete article!

Raja said...

I had not logged into my account recently. They have a separate web site for their computer magazine and digital library, which has all the issues of this year thus far. It still surprises me that this article is already out there on the web when one really has to pay $19 for the article, if a non-member! I am sure someone put it out there on the web or smehow hacked their digital library. So much for their secure sites! :-)

senthil said...


On further thought, the logic is very clear.. No one had verified all the EVM's manufactured.. and after manufacturing, no one would be able to detect that..

I spoke to few of the BJP leaders, and they are outrightly rejecting it..

I told them, that it doesnt matter whether you are able to prove it or not this time.. but you have to take action to return back to ballot paper..

Dont know whether they are intelligent enough to understand these..

Interestingly they had also bought in to the theory of "YOuthful Rahul".. they are saying that women and youths got attracted by Rahul, and hence voted for Congress..

I believe, it could not be true, as the voting percentage among the so called youths is less..

The minority angle cannot be ruled out, as the act of making Madarassa education equalent to CBSE had worked this time.. (atleast in UP)..

Canis said...

A crook like Navin Chawla wasn't put there for decoration.

Anonymous said...


See my latest post on remote control of EVMs.

Your opinion pls..