Thursday, May 28, 2009

wapo does the india pak equal equal act. sounds just like the bad old democrat days, doesn't it?

may 28th, 2009
yes, another democrat in the white house (and this one a closet or crypto-mohammedan -- see how he's beating up on israel, for instance), america in a tough economic spot, and we are back to india pak equal equal. sounds just like the jimmy carter or bill clinton years, no? (ok, clinton years were good economically).
meanwhile manmohan singh does his best to suck up to the yanks by buying their increasingly devalued t-bills. nice, very nice. what more can we ask for?
i read this wapo report more closely, and it really is an alarming story about pakistan's continuing efforts to increase its arsenal. then why drag india into it? ah... read the names of the contributors, and you have 'rama lakshmi', whose real name is probably 'mary angelina' or something, the totally hindu-hating and india-hating wapo correspondent in india. as eric idle would say, "say no more!"

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