Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BJP at crossroads: Back to basics or irrelevance?

may 27th, 2009

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Thought you may find this interesting. Very well argued.

BJP at crossroads: Back to basics or irrelevance?
Virendra Parekh
25 May 2009

"Many of us, utterly overcome by Tamas, the dark and heavy demon of
are saying nowadays that it is impossible, that India is decayed,
and lifeless, too weak ever to recover; that our race is doomed to
extinction. It is a foolish and idle saying. No man or nation need be
unless he so chooses, no man or nation need perish unless he
chooses extinction" - Aurobindo, "Bhawani Mandir"



ramesh said...

nice quote from sri aurobindo but it sometimes looks that the hindus have "deliberately choosen extinction"

Canis said...

Ever since the BJP projected LK Advani as PM, I have had my doubts. Let's face it, he is not very inspiring. The entire campaign was LK-centric to the exclusion of almost everything else. Modi would have been a better option.