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rajiv malhotra: Colonialism did not die: It only reinvented itself

may 25th, 2009
a sober and comprehensive exposition on why we are still colonized in the mind. anybody who refuses to be thus diminished is immediately branded a 'communalist'. thus are the semitic imperialist cult members slowly moving towards making india their next conquest.
rajiv wrote this in 2002 on sulekha, and it is ever more valid with each passing day.
peas, luuuv and liberty are wiping out our civilization with the help of a lot of jaichands.
their weapons: 'truth by repeated assertion', just good old-fashioned lying, and gobs of money.
if you read nothing else referred to in this blog, read this.

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May 7, 2009...8:54 pm

Colonialism did not die: It only reinvented itself

Rajiv Malhotra's brilliant analysis of neo-colonialism and how various tricks are used by Westerners to ensure that Hindu minds remain in a cage even today.

The Axis of Neocolonialism

 By Rajiv Malhotra

 "In the modern planetary situation, Eastern and Western 'cultures' can no longer meet one another as equal partners. They meet in a westernized world, under conditions shaped by western ways of thinking." — W. Halbfass[1]

 This essay argues that intellectual svaraj (self-rule) is as fundamental to the long term success of a civilization as is svaraj in the political and financial areas. Therefore, it is important to ask: whose way of representing knowledge will be in control? It is the representation system that defines the metaphors and terminology, interprets what they mean in various situations, influences what issues are selected to focus on, and, most importantly, grants privileges by determining who is to control this marketplace of ideas.

 As an implicit body of standards, a representation system disguises a meta-ideology – the substratum of contexts on which specific ideologies emerge and interact. It includes the language used and the unstated frames of reference, and acts as the subliminal filter through which positions are constructed and their fate negotiated.

 A people without their own representation system, in a worst case scenario, get reduced to being intellectual consumers looking up to the dominant culture. In the best case scenario, they could become intellectual producers, but only within the representation system as defined and controlled by the dominant culture, such as has happened recently with many Indian writers in English.

 Ashis Nandy summarizes how this mental colonialism was brought about:

"This colonialism colonises minds in addition to bodies and it releases forces within colonized societies to alter their cultural priorities once and for all…. Particularly, once the British rulers and the exposed sections of Indians internalized the colonial role definitions….the battle for the minds of men was to a great extent won by the Raj."[2]

 The repetitious use of a given representation system eventually leads to a widely accepted set of "essences," as stated by Friedreich Nietzsche:

 "The reputation, name, and appearance, the usual measure and weight of a thing, what it counts for — originally almost always wrong and arbitrary — grows from generation unto generation, merely because people believe in it, until it gradually grows to be a part of the thing and turns into its very body. What at first was appearance becomes in the end, almost invariably, the essence and is effective as such."

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sansk said...


thanks for posting this again. I read this last time when it was posted on Sulekha.

What struck me as a pleasant surprise what that this was the first intellectually stimulating essay I found on Sulekha.
Sadly, Sulekha went to the way of Rediff and lost some of its core audience like yours truly when it was changed for the worse. In retrospect, Sulekha wanted troublemakers to leave as was signalled when Murthy Muthuswami's essay about Islam's weakness was removed.

Ultimately censorship rules most indian websites, even those based in US.

To think that hindus would be able to get anywhere without serious investment in media, to me, is a stupidity of high order.

Have let myself loose on some HSS people on this media voice issue whenever chance favoured me, but there those people seem to be a bit thick to me. I have never ever got any assurance that RSS or BJP or VHP are having any plans to get any voice in media.

In this situation, Hindus, particularly those in india are sitting ducks.

Sujeev said...

I liked this essay better than Rajiv's RISA LILA essays, and said so in the comments section on Sulekha several times, but then the intellectuals seemed to rate the RISA LILA'S higher than the Axis of Neocolonialism. It IS sad to see both Rediff and Sulekha diluted to such an extent that I don't even bother reading them anymore.....

victimofprejudice said...

I beg every Indian to read this essay. My mind changed forever after reading this! It's one of those rare opportunities that you discover yourself!

Shahryar said...

Every Indian also needs to read Decolonising The Hindu Mind - Ideological Development of Hindu Revivalism by Koenraad Elst.