Saturday, May 16, 2009

election results

may 16th, 2009
the most likely reason: electronic voting machine fraud. as i mentioned here before, it is not that difficult to create a trojan horse program that would be triggered off by one of your agents feeding in a sequence of keystrokes. it would then -- regardless of the button pressed -- give, say, 52% of the votes to the kkkangress. when voting is finished, the trojan horse program could even erase itself from the machine. no audit trail, nothing. this is one of the reasons why EVMs are not used in the US. even with hanging chads and whatnot, paper ballots mean you can have a recount. but EVMs means your vote is gone with the wind.
in 2004, expecting a bjp victory, the christist-communist indian sepoys in the US had prepared a plan to approach the supreme court with a petition claiming EVM fraud. of course the bjp didn't do fraud, and the communists didn't complain.
the electorate is not stupid to vote in the kkkangress after
a) 12% inflation and massive budget deficits that will wreck the future of the economy
b) mumbai and other terrorist attacks
c) swiss bank slush funds and quattrocchi
d) taliban on the border, nepal gone, sri lanka in genocide mode
e) continued lying to the people on i) nuclear 'deal', ii) sacks-of-money-for-votes in no-confidence-motion
speaking of sri lanka, the results in tamil nadu are quite dubious.
we wuz robbed.
but the likely result is that india will not survive as a country till 2025. mughalistan and christianstan will divide up the country amongst each other.
this is an inflection point.
we will see increased marginalization of hindus and apartheid with a virulence.


karyakarta92 said...

Exactly and how could NDTV make such accurate projections? Perhaps they were privy to some information that the people did not have

GJ said...

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M. Patil said...

Here in CA, U.S. there is a paper trail where ever there is electronic voting to ensure that there is no voter fraud. In India there was no paper trail at all. I don't understand why the BJP kept quiet.

It is rather surprising that Telugu Desam Party won nearly 107 out of 297 in AP assembly won just 6 or 7 out of 42 Parliment seats.


psenthilraja said...

Rajeev.. just now i completed my blog post on the possible rigging of EVMs.

Please visit my blog on the following url.

psenthilraja said...

I agree to your point.. in tamilnadu, the DMK won with high margins in most of the seats..

Also in sivaganga constituency, chidambaram was trailing till the afternoon, and suddenly he was declared winner by slender margin.. Is it possible to alter the EVMS while counting?

Pradeep said...

It is a very sad day indeed. For BJP a more serious problem than loosing this election is becoming inconsequential in the future. There are no leaders with the stature of Vajpayee or Advani and in the next 5 yrs congress will dole out more indira-rajiv "welfare programs" and further consolidate their position and weaken the BJP

Pradeep said...

Each of the reasons you site should be enough to independently pave way for change of government. Alas, these are not issues for people who actually vote, the poor. The educated middle class scoundrels probably thought it was too hot to come out and stand in line to vote.

san said...

I have to agree with Rajeev that Electronic Voting Machines are a dangerous liability that could allow mass-scale rigging and voter disenfranchisement.

We need to come up with new ideas. How about a semi-secret ballot, whereby people's names and voting-choice are tracked together, but that information is only accessible to that individual voter later on, and not accessible to the wider public.

That would prevent voter fraud, since the votes could be verified afterwards by the voters themselves.

indian_indian said...

Rajeev -- I think you are seriously overestimating the Indian voter. Electronic voting machine fraud cannot be ruled out entirely -- but don't you think the Congress would have ensured 300 or more seats if they had full control of the EVMs?

I think there are other reasons for the Congress victory that the BJP needs to pay attention to and find strategies for:
1) The apathy of the average middle-class Hindu voter.
2) Change in the religious demographics of India that are not reflected in the census data. I really believe that up to 30% of India is now Muslim/Christist/Crypto-Christist/leftie/commie/atheist. Since the remaining 70% Hindu vote is not unified (while the 30% consistenly votes non-BJP/Congress), it is becoming quite difficult.

BJP strategies:
1) Need to get charismatic leaders at the helm (with strong Hindu-religious bearings) to counteract the Gandhi-name effect that still seems to weigh heavily on idiotic Indian voters.
2) Do not try to out-left the lefties or out-moderate the pseudo-secular brigade. This is the same situation that the Republicans face in the US. They cannot get Democrat voters by acting as leftie as the liberals. The BJP cannot get Muslim/Crypto-Christist votes by trying to put on a left of center face. The BJP needs to try and consolidate the Hindu vote using charismatic leaders and a religious and national security agenda. The religious agenda is important because most illiterate Indian voters are unable to understand political ideology beyond its effects on things like high prices.

The only silver lining in this election has been the poor performance of regional parties (except perhaps the BJD in Orissa). This is something that is good for the nation as a whole.

M. Patil said...

San, I agree with you. EVM are easy to tamper with. Here in Santa Clara County there is always paper trail with electronic voting.

Indian_Indian, Indian voter is known for his/her anti incumbancy. Looks like this is not the case this time? After the gross mess congress made.

It is hard to believe that Congress got 157 out nearly 300 Assembly seats in AP but 33 out of 42 MP seats?

BJP must strive for
(i) Electoral integrity.
(ii) Media presence.

One should not underestimate the power of Visual media in influencing
people. Several studies conducted in U.S. show that the media has
enormous power to influence what issues to think about. So, if the 24 x7 media says terrorism is not an issue, for majority people it is not an issue. When TV incessently claims BJP is communal it is for majority of people irrespective of ground facts.

Perception is reality.


Gayathri said...

Frankly,i never knew EVM's are vulnerable to such frauds..
and yeah,it was terribly dubious that in spite of a pathetic(at least not so outstanding) 5yrs of governance,despite the anti-incumbency,UPA still made it close to is definitely not digestible..even chidambaram's matter was strongly suspicious..

I didnt understand the stuff behind the victory of DMK..i mean,there was this hype for Jaya and all..but DMK stood up for Lankans ryt,so obviously they gotto make advantage out of it??

The future of bjp is really in turmoil..with advani threatening to sign out and modi not yet grown up to the status of a nationally acceptable leader,i'm afraid it's gonna meet a dead end..

blogger said...

Why can't they ask voters to stamp the vote on a sheet to put in a ballot box in addition to EVMs. At least there is a fall back in case of re-count scenario. But now India is doomed. There is no fair constitutional body left in India anymore.

Has anyone noticed that ever since the Live simultaneous Exit Polls were banned from the last assembly elections in 2008, BJP has been only marginally winning in its so-called stronghold but loosing in new places unlike countless elections before that in which it on a winning roll. And Congress was on a loosing spree until 2007 assembly elections but suddenly it is back with a big bang. Something is not right here.

Please read my views on "When Indians SCREWED India..Again! Desi Bush re-elected" at

indian_indian said...

I have to agree with M. Patil and add media management to the BJP's strategy for the next election. The BJP needs to have a right-of-center news network in India (like FOX News in the US) in order to counteract the p-secs, liberals, anti-nationals at NDTV and CNN-IBNLIVE.

Another thing to look at is having a private radio channel with right-wing talk shows (again modeled on the spectacular success of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Jason Lewis and others in the US).

ramesh said...

this kind of speculation is inevitable. the point is the kaangress is their for another 5 years.
the bjp did run a very screwed up campaign (like in delhi, total shit). also they would have been better off without the managalore incident (and of course varun gandhi's big mouth). complete lack of indiscipline, infighting etc. etc.
for the christians this is of course a fabulous gift. look forward to more coins with crosses on them.
a large number of people did not vote.
and finally "vinash kale vipreet buddhi."

ramesh said...

i have one more query. how do u explain the impressive performance of the kaangress in andhra (where the CM is a avowed christist; christan encroachments in tirupati, blatant attempts at spreading christianity, etc.)and the victory of patnaik n orissa (despite what happened in kandhamahal, the murder of lakshmananda).

Pankaj said...


Read your column on Rediff and feel really sad about it. Situation is becoming hopeless. The problem is that our people have a feudal mentality and are more interested in ideals than facts.

Still I have reasons to hope that before anything happens to India, the world will wake up to Islamic terrorism. Basically, I think that a country like France or Italy will become an Islamic Republic much before a fatal threat to India arises and then maybe the world will wake up.
My reasoning is that these countries do not have organized right wing groups like we do and their citizens as unorganized, independent men and women will be no match for the organized Islamic mobs.

Israel has shown by example that if a young maiden is preemptive, trained and prepared, she can easily defend herself against older, bigger, stronger and wealthier lecherous old men surrounding her.

Itsdifferent said...

I think while the EVM rigging and others could be good theories to discuss, I think my dad summed it up well, when I talking to him.
BJP were never consistent in their messaging, in North they were saying they will build Ram temple again, in South they were playing a mellow down or even muslim pandering card.
Add to that in TN Jayalalitha, who has been a staunch opponent of Tigers till yesterday, and seeing the people's mood she switched her theory just before the elections. She really might have thought people are stupid, and wont see thro her tactics.
And other thing BJP did not do good is while highlighting success in Gujarat, they did not speak well about Karnataka or Rajasthan. And Media conveniently overshadowed Gujarat development with Godhra.

I think BJP should use this opportunity to build party in the next 5 years, be a Hindu nationalist party, dont spew extreme hatred towards other religions, but state the facts about conversion etc. Develop young leaders, If necessary, send them to Gujarat and other states, to be trained by Modi and other such leaders to face the public, create programs that can be highlighted. Just one Modi is not enough, create as many as you can, train them well in governance.