Monday, May 18, 2009

Upping the Competition

India clearly needs to have a non-Leftist news network, otherwise all reporting will be spun to suit the needs of the Congress and the Left.

But I was also thinking that BJP need to demonstrate their ability to take democracy to a higher level, by staging public debates between rival candidates, for the public to enjoy. Public debates are a hallmark of true democracies, as exemplified by many Western countries.

The Congress is afraid of public debates, because their leaders are buffoons who received their jobs by hereditary succession, like a royal family. Sonia Gandhi can hardly speak any Indian language, and when she does so, she speaks very haltingly, like the tourist she is.

BJP should conduct vibrant public debates to show the country what real democratic debate and discussion are. By doing so, they can upstage anything the sheltered inbred Congressmen might hope to do. And if the sheltered Congress Party leaders continue to opt out of such debates, then they will ensure that they are eclipsed by those who are willing to partake in real democratic exchange.


M. Patil said...


I hope someone from BJP ispaying attention to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Shocking revelations of (shall we say) Biblical proportions!



See links at my blogs also.

Maald said...

Just wanted to bring to your notice Swapan Dasgupta's latest post got 155 responses and not yet done

A lot of effort must be going into moderating those comments. He even replies to some of them. It is one of the blogs I would like to see on your Blogroll. Feeds will be even better.

neelakantan said...

By 2014, the internet has the potential to be a bigger news provider than the media. If we move now, a credible network can be built on the internet that is a good counterfoil to regular news media and provides the correct version of news events.

Leaving it to others does not help. We need to do outselves.

Ramesh said...

Have your own goddamn media..Just one Daily Pioneer wont cut it. HAve a couple of TV channels with nationwide presence. This was the lesson BJP should have learnt in 2004..Its doubtful if they will ever learn. They boycotted CNN-IBN for 15 days...and then the boycott suddenly vanished. Doesnt BJP have an iota of shame? Even Amma Jayalalithaaaa has channels to her name..the kerala leftists and christists have their own channels.

sands said...

if any BJP leader comes on NDTV,CNN-IBN he must be expelled let them say whatver they want eventually audience will get bored if there no debate and its serves BJP well that it need not have to takeon anchor and the congress guy just leave anchor and congress back slapping each other for 5 years does BJP have guts

it was disgrace watching rajdeep do the chest thumping war dance