Sunday, May 24, 2009

everybody else stays away from US treasuries, manmohan singh buys lots

may 24th, 2009
given the current uncertainty about the US economy, and (now) the plunging dollar, none of the usual buyers of US Tbills have been active in the recent past -- eg. china has drastically cut its purchase of Tbills.
ah, but there is all-weather ally (aka india) rushing in to buy $38.2 billion of US Tbills in the recent past.
of course, manmohan singh has to support his pals.
i was going to say 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread', but no, there's something much more sinister going on.
i don't have the URL where these details were published, if anybody does, please post it.


anand said...

The great Indian Sell Out effectively began in 2007 when Dr Kalam was not granted a second term which he deserved and the whole nation demanded. The Congress put in their candidate to ensure smooth passage of their plans.

Would Dr Kalam have appointed Chawla as CEC? I wonder. Rest unfortunately, is going to be history.

psenthilraja said...


here is the link..