Friday, May 15, 2009

Krugman Playing Eco-Card

lKrugman the Atlanticist seems to be dangerously playing the eco-card, in order to come up with new ways to constrain rising powers like China. He wants to impose eco-taxes on countries that don't meet his environmental standards. This would inevitably be extended to India and anyone else, too. The Atlanticists seem to want the poor Asians to starve, so that they can keep their jacuzzis and air-conditioning running full blast. Krugman seems to be angling for a North-South conflict.


sundaraz said...

Did you read the article? He just says that US has to do enough first, to have a moral authority to ask others to do it; And eventually china and others have to comply, simply because we are on the same boat.

san said...

Look buddy, you need to figure out that the less-developed countries are not on a level playing field, when it comes to eco-friendly technologies. We get embargoed all these years for nuclear tech, which is the main means of generating power without creating greenhouse gases, and now they want our CO2 emissions levels to be frozen? So in other words, we should be permanently frozen at underdeveloped level to keep us at a permanent disadvantage, just so the Americans who use 30 times the energy of the average Indian can retain their global supremacy. Nah, no thanks.

Who created Global Warming in the first place? Have you ever bothered to consider this? It certainly wasn't India belching out most of the world's CO2 for the past 3 centuries. It sounds like you want the world to wake upto environmentalism just in time to stick the underdeveloped world with the bill for it. What a scam.

I'm all for eco-friendliness, but the developed world have to do much more. Not slightly more, as per the things Krugman suggested, but much, much more. They're the ones who got us all in this mess. Yes, we're all on the same boat, and it's been steered into the iceberg by these self-declared captains who've been in charge all these years.

AGworld said...

unfortunately only the chinese have the gumption to stick it to the yanks.

india will cave. plus now, we have the UPA for 5 years more again -- so smile as we continue to suck above and kick below.

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Non Carborundum said...


Call the next thread "The End".

Maybe it can be an academic exercise on how India will wind up in five years.