Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mayawati: Muslims Thwarted Me

Well, at least Mayawati suffered a humbling. She seems to attribute her debacle to Muslim voters - and this after she went out of her way to oppose the N-Deal for them, while Mulayam took the Congress bribe-money and ran with it. Let her digest the bitter lessons of her conflated ego. Maybe she'll learn to stay on message the next time, as well as deliver development.

The Macaulayists everywhere must be rejoicing right now.


Gayathri said...

yeah it sure demands cheers..if mayawaty was left unchecked,she would be later the biggest threat the country faces..the upcoming woman prime minister..
her list of candidates clearly showed that she was up to encouraging the mafia and not serve the ppl..

san said...

UP needs to be broken into pieces. It's an artificial state, and not a natural one. Splitting it up will bring down the mafia raj there.