Monday, May 18, 2009

velupillai prabhakaran, son charles anthony, theoretician pottu amman, killed: sri lankan army

may 18th, 2009
RIP, velupillai prabhakaran, guerilla leader, methodist, brutal dictator.
apparently the curtain falls on one of the most capable guerilla armies of all time. but the LTTE overplayed its hand, through a brutal christist-type reign of terror (reminds me of the french revolution and the khmer rouge, especially since many khmer rouge have since become christists).
even though i have been alarmed at the christist roots of the LTTE, i am very disturbed by the oppression of tamil hindus that created the LTTE.
btw, the LTTE totally alienated the tamil mohammedans, who now no longer consider themselves 'tamil' but 'mohammedans'. (compare this to tamil and malayalee mohdans in malaysia who have transformed themselves into 'malays'.) which is another reason why the LTTE must have been christist -- they can't stand mohammedans.
by wiping out all alternatives to themselves, eg. PLOTE and other less violent groups, the LTTE practiced typical semitic monotheism. there was one god, prabhakaran, and that was it.
i do hope and pray that the sinhalese now have the sense to treat the tamil hindus with compassion, although their genocidal behavior -- 7000 tamil refugees killed in artillery battles and with other heavy weapons -- does not leave a whole lot of room for optimism.
when the temple towers at srirangam near tiruchi were built a few centuries ago, the south-facing tower was left deliberately unfinished. the vaasthu of the tower was such that it was believed that if it were ever completed sri lanka would be aflame.
the dmk finished that tower 25 years ago. within weeks, war began in sri lanka.
i am not sure sufficient remedial action has been taken even now to remove the baleful influence of the tower. if not, tamil grievances will lead to a fresh guerilla movement, and sri lanka will be back to square one.

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Usha said... wasn't during the DMK government but MGR regime that the tower was completed.