Saturday, May 23, 2009

ratzy pisses everybody off: atlanticist

may 20th, 2009
it's not surprising, because he's a former nazi (i didn't make that up, this atlanticist article itself tells you he wasn't a former member of the wehrmacht), and he thinks otherwise that he lives in the 14th century CE, the 'golden age' of the church, when it had all the power, the money, the land, and the women. ratzy is a perfect example of all that's wrong with the church. he was, it may be remembered, formerly the 'grand inquisitor'.
he isn't making gaffes when he says these bad things. they are coming from the bottom of his heart.
in any case, ratzy, nor any other bigtime godman, has always only included jews and mohammedans in all their apologizing and make-nice. their attitude towards hindus and others of the old, pre-semitic faiths has always been: "convert, die or flee". not at all different from that of mohammendans, except the christists say it much more sweetly. they know marketing.

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