Wednesday, May 20, 2009

yet another limey sucks up to the chinese and abuses hindus

may 19th, 2009
this is the limeys' core competence these days, applying their lips to chinese bottoms. but, to be fair, they will apply their lips to hindu bottoms too, as soon as hindus have enough money. not for nothing are they 'a nation of shopkeepers'. these days the only wares they have left in their bankrupt country is their accent and sneering 'economist'-style lingo. which they are offering for sale to the highest bidder.
have you heard of any hindus (extremists or otherwise) claiming that the chinese are descendants of hindu warriors? no.
clearly this limey female is of the romila thapar/wendy o-doniger type, randomly abusing hindus, just because she is pretty sure no hindu is going to firebomb her office.
i'd be much more impressed if she said anything rude to the mohammedans, who of course *would* firebomb her if she did that. notice that she is very quiet about mohammedan historical claims. or about chinese historial claims -- eg. that tibet and korea (and soon africa) belong to them.
this is true of all the sneering writers in bloomberg's and reuter's stables as well. none of them is afraid of hindus, thanks to the kkkangress. they figure, if the hugely anti-hindu kkkangress can get away with it in india, they can get away with it in limeyland. makes even a pacifist wonder if a little appropriate violence would be useful in disciplining these buffoons.
by the way, i once wrote a column: "the use and abuse of history". should i sue for the unauthorized use of this copyrighted term? not to mention some guy named nietzsche using it even before i did? :-)

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