Thursday, May 28, 2009

DMK: Sethu project will be revived’

may 28th, 2009
of course, because this will give all the crypto-christists goose-bumps, and also lots of money in dredging.
the silent majority among the tamils -- the decent people -- needs to rise up and kick these buffoons out.
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Sethu project will be revived'


New Delhi

May 28: Newly sworn-in Cabinet minister M.K. Azhagiri on Thursday has promised to revive the controversial Sethu Samudram which was inaugurated in Madurai by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi during the previous UPA regime when T.R. Baalu was the Union shipping minister.

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blogger said...

First renaming of Kanya Kumari to Kanya Mariam then demolition of God Hanumanji's statue by Christian Taliban and now Historic Ancient World Heritage Shri Ram Sethu being destroyed...Hindu history lost every day.

ramesh said...

Times London says 20,000 tamils killed in the final stages of the war by sri lankan army (
Since these were i assume largely Hindus, the kaangress govt. & their dmk cronies can dismiss them as collateral damage and get on with the more urgent business of demolishing ram setu.

Aj said...


finally someone is voicing their concern about the EVMs,-naidu-blames-evms-720

Virat said...


Lies from idiot Kuldip Nayar.