Tuesday, May 26, 2009

14 year Hindu boy brutally murdered, gets his face smashed by mohammedans for 'befriending' their 'sister'

The 'secular' spindian express glossed over the mohammedan angle

The DNA reported the facts but ignored the 'communal angle'.
If a hindu had done this, this would have been a "brutal honour killing"
"Fahar Sheikh, 21, Farhan Sheikh, 20, and Salim Malabarwala, 20, were arrested for Amandeep's abduction and murder. The trio were final-year Commerce students, while Amandeep was studying in std X in Holy Cross High School, Kurla," said sub inspector RR Sawant of Vinobha Bhave Nagar police station. The blood-stained stone used for the crime has also been recovered.
Emphasis added. The moh'dans are laying down the law: Latikas (of slum-kutta fame) wanted to continue our 'islamisation by impregnation', hindus interested in mohammedan women have to cease and desist or will cease to exist.

The cruelty of these monsters boggles the mind.

Of course, no 24-7 news coverage here.


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Deshabhakta said...

i read both the versions of the news and both name the muslim culprits. I did not find one bringing out the communal angle and other not. Both do not say explicitly that the boy was killed by muslims for talking to a muslim girl. When some ppl threatened a guy and girl in Mangalore, these media people accused "Hindu fundamentalist outfits"; now they dont want to say muslim fundamentalism killed a Hindu boy.

M. Patil said...


Whose fault is it that Hindus do not have a meia presense? I thik we are to blame for this sorry state of affairs.


Sudhir said...


Check this out


Its a link about election election fraud in TN.

The difference between votes polled and votes counted in TN is
2 lakhs +.

karyakarta92 said...

Where is the "coalition of forward, pub going women" now?
Where are the pink chaddi feminists decrying the "Hindu Taliban"? Where is Renuka Chowdary now? Will she threaten to get any "secular" party disenfranchised or have the "secular" government dismissed? These worthies are actually enablers of the REAL (Muslim) TALIBAN and their conspicuously absent threatrics merely a tool in the demographic warfare by the ROP fellows. Their feminism is just a ploy to recruit Hindu women as Mohamnedan baby producing factories

Sudhir said...

off topic


NEW DELHI: The Law Commission of India is likely to recommend a ban on narco analysis test as it violates the basic human rights.
The Law
Commission's report to be tabled before the board next month for approval may suggest that revelations made under the influence of the drugs cannot be considered as reliable and violated basic human rights.

The proposed report claims that hardened criminals may lie despite being under the influence of drugs. Others may also successfully disguise actual facts.

The report claims that several police forces across the world have found narco tests as unreliable means to find truth.

blogger said...

Yeah sure, Human Rights of Muslims and Chrisitians. I am sure there would an exception added their if accused is Hindu. Anti-Hindu bigots!