Saturday, May 30, 2009

who's killing indians in aussie-land?

may 30th, 2009
as ghostwriter commented, where is all the fuss in the ELM about indians being killed by aussie convicts, as compared to the mea-culpas and breast-beating they indulged in when one nasty communalist and criminal (but naturally) from australia named graham staines was killed in india?
also, who is doing the killing?
here are my suspects in no particular order:
1. lebanese or other arab mohammedans. these guys have been running rampant, and the white police are scared of them. these people may have been recruited by mohammedan fundamentalists, say including the ubiquitous ISI (and musharraf's dog buster)
2. whites leftists who are now ruling the roost. they tend to be china supporters (kevin rudd, the current pm, speaks chinese and has a chinese son-in-law -- see, conversion by injection is infectious too!). these jerks are telling india: sign the NPT, become slaves of the chinese. whose influence? chinese.
3. random racist criminals who see the indians as easy marks
i am going to talk to a journalist friend in australia and see what he thinks.
btw, this would be a good time to kick out all the australians from indian cricket. i understand the racists blighters are making millions off the indian public.
what else can be done?
1. declare that all australian exports to india are now put on hold
2. declare that all australian nationals in india will be asked to report to the immigration authorities and put under protective custody for their own safety in case there is retaliation from indians
3. put a moratorium on all commercial discussions with australia until this issue can be sorted out.
if india had any backbone (but no fear of that with puppets on a chain in charge), we could do these things, and the convicts would grovel. this is similar to the treatment mahathir mohammed gave the limeys when they said something he didn't like. they immediately groveled and crawled and kissed his ass. i bet the aussies would kiss indian ass too. what do we have to lose? nothing other than the stupid uranium which they are not selling us anyway. but the convicts cannot afford to lose one of their biggest markets -- they would be even more dependent on china.


Sujeev said...

So, the convicts (aussies), and/or the converts (islamists) are beating up on the cowards (Hindus), eh? :-) What else is new?

trailblazer82 said...

On a side note, some of the students are going to Australia not for immigration & better prospects but for the prestige-factor of foreign degree. But with the coldwar over in 90s and along with it the need to protect Indians from capitalist brainwashing, why didn't India open the gates for foreign universities to setup institutes in India yet?
With the rogue Arjun Singh away from HRD, Kapil Sibal seems to be making right noises. Here he is saying he will push the bill to allow foreign univs to put up their branches in India into parliament.

On a side note, Amitabh Bachchan rightfully rejected Australian doctorate in protest.

And here look at Shahrukh Khan accepting honour from racist Malaysian govt which had been extremely discriminatory towards Tamil Hindus.

Also look at Dilip Kumar turning down Shiv Sena's demand of returning Nishan-e-Pakistan as a protest against Pakistani aggression in Kargil.

Shankar said...

20 incidents of attacks on Indians in a month in Sydney

..most students are reluctant to lodge any complaint out of fear.

trailblazer82 said...
China Australia trade volume jumps 30% year to date

exosing christianity's true agenda said...

Big B refuses award from australian university

At least someone has a backbone and some pride!

senthil said...

I suspect it to be christian fundamentalists.. as australia has opened up itself, more indians get permanent visa there and thus more hindus, and more temples..

Probably, they dont want australia to become another america or Britain..

What say?

Anjaneya said...

1. nothing new in indian students being seen as soft targets. Indian students world over lack the skills to tackle such situations. I have seen such things happen fiurst hand in the USA as well. Again, indian students just put up with it for fear of a police complaint affecting their Green card chances.
2. Some of your talk is just plain conspiracy theory. An organised pogram of Indian students by Aussie government inspired by Chinese government to weaken Indian government! Bizarre, please dont lose credibility with such nonsense.
3. Aussie land is still stuck in the cold war mentality. It is evident in the way the neuclear deal is going. They are refusing to sell uranium, but hey, somebody else will stupid! Ausssieland loses and we still get our uranium. They are increasing military spending to counter "Indian and Chinese" presence in the region. Obviously nervous and insecure, they are looking at a new role in the world. I am unsure how long US power will continue to sheild them, but i am sure they have factored that in and are keen on coming out on their own. Next few days will be interesting in indo-aus diplomacy.

Vijay said...

The real cause is the sudden influx of Indian students, which has more than doubled since 2006 to 93,000 in Australia. Plus Indian students go to Australia with the intention of working and getting a PR, so they can be open to abuse, being alone, at the the wrong place at the wrong time -- All these factors put them in a very vulnerable position.

The situation can be somewhat remedied if foreign students are not allowed to work and PR opportunities are tightened.

Inebriated, drugged, nothing to do Australian youths are the main attackers. I see little wisdom in advising them, since whites have a worldwide history of beating, lynching, non whites/non-christians just for the fun of it.

nizhal yoddha said...

i heard from a nephew of mine who is a student in australia that it is the lebanese -- hardened criminals -- who have been behind these attacks.

of course, rudd (chinese-by-injection) refuses to classify this as a racism issue.

prof vaidya wrote a very good article about the rs. 20,000 crores indians are spending for a mediocre education in australia -- all, i guess, in the hope of getting permanent residence.

the lebanese have established no-go areas (mini-pakistans) in australia where the police fear to tread. the lebanese attack them -- i remember reading about bricks heaved through cop car windows. and of course white sheilas are fair game for the pakistanis: three guys who raped a white girl said they were forced to do that because that is their culture! the court apparently replied that they could take their culture and go back.

the issue really is that indians are viewed as soft targets. you can hurt them and get away with it. the kkkangress will never complain (of course, unless the hurt person is a mohammedan. remember how that doctor fellow being kicked out of a job for being a terrorist suspect upset manmohan singh so much?)

the answer is simple: for the hindu students in australia to get some guns, and shoot some of the lebanese