Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on the other hand, when a pakistani is upset, the atlanticist wants to kiss him and make the boo-boo go away

may 20th, 2009
any pakistani cause is our cause. that's the nytimes' motto. like, how could an illegal alien mohammedan pakistani be deprived of his right to go forth and multiply in america?
much like "any mohammedan's cause is our cause" -- manmohan singh
complete meeting of minds, of course.
i am amazed the nytimes didn't write a long article saying how the pakistani guy who beheaded his wife in buffalo also was deprived of his rights. (you remember the fellow -- he started a TV channel "to show mohammedans in a better light". and so he actually did. he shone a very powerful searchlight on their violent and endemic misogyny.)

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