Thursday, May 21, 2009

TOI's advice to BJP: be like kkkangress, create communal riots where only hindus are killed; and what christist media does when RoP and RoL 'luuuuuuv' each other

may 20th, 2009
TOI's advice: be the kkkangress, that is the way to success in elections.
the unbiased observer can ask:
a) who says the kkkangress is successful in elections? in 2004, when the election was not rigged, they got just 7 more seats than the bjp
b) in 2009, when they rigged the EVMs, they got a lot of seats which nobody voted them in for.
TOI claims that in orissa, the bjp provoked communal riots. the fact that the christists assassinated an 84-year-old monk, a nun, and a small child with AK-47s somehow seems to have escaped the TOI's attention.
this is similar to the TOI claiming that the gujarat riots were, in effect, started by the bjp against innocent mohammedans, who if james astill were there to write purple prose would have been "sitting around wondering what was going on". the fact that they burned alive 59 women and children in a train is omitted.
there has been an amusing situation in the christist voice in kerala, the malayala manorama. there was a christist-mohammedan riot in the outskirts of trivandrum (not the first one there), at cheriyathura, a christist area, which i believe is in close proximity to beemapally, a mohammedan mosque area, where there has long been a thriving bazaar also in smuggled goods. (one would conclude that lots of boats are coming to the area, and not necessarily with fish in them).
but the christists are scared of the mohammedans. so the manorama, which usually thunders about alleged attacks on christists, kept very quiet. so did john dayal and valson thampu. if you read the reporting in the malayala manorama, you would be hard-pressed to realize that christists had rioted which ended up in the deaths of 5 mohammedans. the impartial observer would conclude -- based on the discreet reports that did not mention christists at all -- that this was yet another hindu-mohammedan riot.
extremely interesting. even though 5 mohammedans were killed in police firing, and several christist boats and fishing nets and houses were burned, nobody is asking for judge "spontaneous combustion" banerjee to give his report. nobody is ranting about the state government (even though it is communist, and the christists have been running a crusade against it) having murdered 5 mohammedans, or standing by while christist shacks (yeah, some of them must have been 'churches') were destroyed. the TOI, nor the Christist, nor NDTV, nor CNN-IBN reported heavily on this incident, nor did they condemn the extremists on both sides.
it appears that mohammedans were on the warpath (christist houses, boats, fishing nets) destroyed -- but they didn't manage to kill any christists. not yet, that is.
christists are terrified that, just like in maraad, kozhikode, the mohammedans are plotting bloody revenge. (if you forgot maraad, that is where there was a clash between hindus and mohammedans, 2 hindus and 3 mohammedans died. a year later, a bunch of armed mohammedans ambushed unarmed hindus on the beach and killed 9 of them, and then vanished by boat. just prior to this, all the mohammedans in the area had mysteriously vanished. when the police wanted to check the mosque for weapons, wailing burqa-clad mohammedan females appeared to prevent them from doing so. when the police anyway went in, they found blood-stained swords hidden there. can we say "malice aforethought", boys and girls? and oh, it is rumored that some very high up mohammedan ministers were fully involved in the conspiracy.)
i wonder what the TOI's advice would be to the mohammedans of


Maald said...

I urge you guys to check the post election discussions at Swapan Dasgupta's blog:

M. Patil said...

Nizhal Yodda,

BJP and the Hindu Rights biggest mistake has been its failure to set its own agenda. They let the Hindu baiting durbaris set the agenda by censoring news and framing the the issues in truly orwellian fashion.

For Ex, many people associate Muthalik with BJP, even though Muthalik is a political rival of BJP. 24 X 7 news channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN have much to do with it. These two channels spoke about BJP and Muthalik in the same breath, it is no surprise that average viewer associated Muthalik with BJP.

Suppose, there was neutral channel which actually did some fact checking, then the naked NDTV/IBN propaganda would have come to light.

I hope media management is on the top of the agenda for BJP and Hindu rights groups.


blogger said...

Very nice post Rajeev. Thanks!

sands said...

i will say this again BJP/Right wing should boycott IBN/NDTV only allowance maybe TIMES NOW but they should built up vernacular media presence where issues like cow slaugter ,Pub culture ,conversions ,inter religion marriage etc need to be projected or defended the way its Done in ELM of course vernacular press has its challenges for ex Nizhal yodha can give us insights how malaya manorama is also in AP eenadu group is there but maybe gujarat example where vernacular press is not critical as much as ELM of modi even here in karnataka kannada press is fairly ok !! vernacular press will also help in expanding base in TN,AP and kerala .. would love to hear ur thoughts

Sudhir said...

More Luuuuvv and Piece.....

Harish said...

This riot reminds me of the right to bear arms.

Why is it that the BJP never thought of this?

Gun control was a Brit ploy to keep Hindus unarmed, before Brit rule most ordinary Hindus were armed with muskets, swords etc.

One would think that the so called "right wing" party would make it easy to have access so that common Hindus can defend themselves from "minority" thugs during riots who often show up with illegal guns etc.

Are we as a nation so cowardly that we no longer see this as an important issue, last time I checked all our deities are armed with some sort of weapon.

BJP could have picked up some more votes in the Hindi belt if it had brought this up (esp Chambal valley). In Jammu the people in VDC's are stuck with primitive gov't made weapons to face the AK 47's of terrorists yet BJP never bothered to bring this up there either. One wonders where they get their election strategies from.

On a related note, please check:

Maybe this should be highlighted on the blog, this is a very important issue.

Law abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms & defend themselves when attacked, this is impossible in the current license raj that still runs when it comes to guns.