Sunday, May 24, 2009

ieee computer on systemic fraud possible in electronic voting machines

may 24th, 2009
thanks to a pointer from raja, i discovered this article is available free of cost to anyone on the net. from the may issue of ieee computer.
tanenbaum is well-known for his r&d, i remember his unix-like os, mix, much before linux and even gnu. he is a networking guru, too.
clearly, serious and reputed computer scientists are suggesting that the current system is highly susceptible to fraud.


Rajagopal said...

Andrew Tannenbaum is author of two very very notable textbooks used in IITs etc about networks and operating system. He also wrote minix OS. He was also the professor of Linus Torvalds - the Linux TM and Copyright owner

When he says, he says so and it is so.



exosing christianity's true agenda said...

Sorry to stray from the topic, but I find it humiliating that India can't win the ACM programming contest. This is something that we should win every year hands down! OK, we dn't bring home the Olympic medals, but for goodness sakes! Can't we win at something for which we are supposedly known for!

We should commit time, resources and focus to this goal.