Wednesday, May 27, 2009

musharraf's dog missed again - ISI is safe

it never ceases to amaze me how the 'terrorists' always miss hitting the ISI or musharraf himself when he was head honcho. the bomb always went of two minutes too late - the missile always landed hundred feet to short.

unlike virgin ironpants - she was disposed of with clinical accuracy - no wait - that wasn't the terrorist. yeah right - it was the sun roof. err....... my bad!

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witan said...

News reports say approx. 100kg of RDX was used in the blast. In the Marriott Hotel blast, 600kg RDX was used. Hardly 5 to 6 kg is needed for doing what the perpetrators ostensibly had in mind.
But where did all that RDX come from? One can only think of the Pak military establishment. The motive: bring the military back to power.
Also, it is possible that the 100 kg of RDX exploded prematurely. The "terrorists" (whoever they be) might have intended to make it go off deep inside the "emergency response building at police HQ", where it could have finished off everything and everyone inside.
One wishes some of these facts and possibilities would penetrate Obama’s pate and make him give a rethink on giving Pakistan a few more billions of dollars in military aid.