Tuesday, May 26, 2009

idle chat: "blessed are the cheese-makers"

may 26th, 2009
any monthy python fans out there? i was listening to an interview with eric idle on kqed (podcast available on kqed.org).
i still remember ROTFL over his skit "is your wife a goer, wink, wink, nudge, nudge".
anyway, he mentioned something that i thought was quite entertaining -- a double pun on both the luuuuuv guys and the peas guys: from 'life of brian', "blessed are the cheese-makers"!
i thought the darn animated stuff on monty python (which everybody seems to love) was disgusting, but loved the rest of it, eg. the ministry of silly walks, generalissimo francisco franco is still dead, and all the other uproarious sophomoric humor and bad puns.


Ghost Writer said...

My favorite python
1- Dead Parrot (this is an ex-parrot)
2- The Chartered Accountant who wants to be a lion-tamer
3- The lumberjack song

Python's Life of Brian is absolutely classic - and surprise of surprises - ran into trouble with the Church!

sansk said...

This is an empirical observation, call it San's Rule of (non)Sensible troubles :-)

"Anything Sensible was/is bound to run into trouble with Church and/or mullahs."

Conversely :If both Mullahs and Church agree on something, the idea can safely be described as :
1. Nonsense
2. Preposterous
3. Regressive

san said...

I loved the Black Knight skit from Quest for the Holy Grail ("It's only a flesh wound!") Reminds of some left-wingers.

The Corporate Raider scene in Meaning of Life also struck me as quite funny.