Saturday, May 23, 2009

KKKangress bares fangs - get ready for this blog to be banned

so much for that democracy non-sense. Mahatma is out - Mussolini is back in.

This should suprise only the stupid of course - it is the perfect way to carry forward Chacha Stalin's "Animal Farm" agenda. The words for Kulapati Munshi ring ever so lound in my ears
"The P.S.P. is ‘unpractical’; Jan Sangh is ‘communal’; the Swatantra Party is ‘feudal’, and the Press, no sooner it dared to raise its voice against the vicious trends in the Congress, is the ‘voice of vested interests’ "

guess where they will get the "great firewall" to block news website (hint - who are Xinhua Ram's friends that have the worlds largest net censoring operation?). why blame anyone - it is the public (or is it the EVM) that votes of course!


indian_indian said...

I don't think they can shut down this blog. Since it is hosted on web-servers in the US, it is protected by the second amendment (free speech) of the US constitution. But what the Congress Indian Government can do is block access to the blog within India.

blogger said...

Sucks... kkkangress will go to any extent to suppress anything critical of itself.

trailblazer82 said...

Business Standard view on this issue.