Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Role of Bangladeshis in WB elections, 2009

may 19th, 2009
i don't know much about what happened in bengal. my personal belief is that EVM fraud hurt the communists there.

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Here's my take on the role of Bangladeshis in this years elections, and the Red-Green divide is becoming more evident.

Its pertinent that pro-Hindu groups keeps this in mind while making future strategies, in case we have to choose between the devil and the deep sea.
Please feel free to let others know about this trend in your blogs, reports, etc.


Varun said...

This is off-post, but a truly a treasure for those who collect photos of billionaires and future multi-billoinaires...

here's is the link:

blogger said...

Oppress Hindus, so it continues:

Ancient God Shiv Mandir destroyed in Pune