Sunday, May 17, 2009

Did Electronic Voting Hurt Left Parties?

This is a personal speculation - we all know the Left parties are the most practiced at vote-tampering, ballot-stuffing, etc. Is it possible that the Electronic Voting Machines helped to block such tactics by the Left, thus leading to their downfall at the polls?


Anonymous said...

The left parties established their hold by eliminating the opposition.. so when there is no opposition in each booth, the people had no choice..

It doesnt matter whether its EVM or ballot voting.. the left mastered the art of controlling the people..

HOwever, this time, the debacle that left had is something unbelievable.. Its true that Mamta had put up a strong opposition.. but its hard to believe that she could sweep the state, and definitely LEFT is not in such low position..

My take is that EVM tampering is now done against the LEFT itself, and they had been deliberately knocked down by the congress..

M. Patil said...


Left is like the guy who robs a bank with a gun, crude and usually in the present era they are caught. However, the most successful bank robberies are inside jobs. These insiders are smooth sophisticated and get away with the crime. Congress is like the latter, they get their loyalists into high positions like CEC, president and so on. This makes the inside job, a cake walk.