Monday, May 18, 2009

Winning elections made easy

may 18th, 2009
hi gopi, it doesn't depend on local EC employees, the trojan horse software can be loaded once and for all at a central location. then the triggering of the trojan horse can either be done or not done, depending on local kkkangress needs. the local guys just have to enter a key sequence that is known to the kkkangress insiders.
this satinath fellow was the guy readying a PIL in the supreme court in 2004, and he has written other papers about it.  he assumed the NDA would do EVM fraud. of course, when the kkkangress won in 2004, satinath dropped his case. isn't that interesting? he claims to be protecting democracy, but it appears he is only protecting the kkkangress.
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From: Gopi

You alluded to this in your Rediff column. May be, selective tempering but I doubt it is wholesale as many employees will be non-Congress supporters and may detect such dirty tricks.
Here are two articles of interest:
1) Winning elections made easy
Satinath Choudhary
"Producing doctored EVMs is child's play......"
2) Sena alleges EVM malfunction in South Mumbai
Rawale wondered how he got only 5 votes from an area that is a Shiv Sena stronghold.

1) Winning elections made easy

Satinath Choudhary

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