Saturday, May 23, 2009

zakaria indulges in al-taqiya

may 23rd, 2009
you have to understand, you see, that when zakaria says "great power" he means "mohammedan territory".
once you do a global edit this way, the whole interview actually makes some sense.

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trailblazer82 said...

What does this blog think about MJ Akbar?
I believe he is indulging in the most sophisticated form of al-taqiyya. It is a wonder that he continues to be one of the most admired muslims among Hindutva members.

Reasons why I believe MJ Akbar to be doing al-taqiyya.
1. In the run up to the historic 2009 lok sabha elections, most of his editorials seem to be preaching indifference/nonchalance/cynicism towards the political process instead of meaningful commentary such as criticism of corrupt policies of congress OR endorsement of positive ideas from BJP.
2. When supreme court chastised a muslim boy for violating a christian school rules by posing beard, he complained that when a Hindu can wear follow his faith by wearing sacred thread but the muslim boy doesn't have such freedom here. Here al-taqiyya is in comparing invisible+personal thread with assertive/aggressive beard.
3. Also he tried to defend Congress for 1984 anti-sikh riots by saying "When everyone is guily no one is guilty".!.html