Saturday, May 30, 2009

interesting conference on 'indian management': do submit proposals

may 29th, 2009

astonishing! an actual conference on indian management, and that too held at an institution named after francis xavier! (what, india actually had management before the europeans taught us everything we know?)

and that is bold enough to proclaim that india was an economic superpower until the kind attention of the white christists?

you must absolutely send a submission! i will do so too.



Call for Submissions for the Inaugural Conference of the Indian Academy
of Management (IAOM), to be held at XLRI - Jamshedpur, India, December
28-30, 2009

Indian Management: Past, Present and the Future

The thoughts of Indian management could arouse a collection of scripts
among Indian and international practitioners and researchers that could
range from Rama Rajya, Yudhisthara's rule and Krishna's wisdom; Canakya,
Chandragupta, and Ashoka; Babar, Akbar, and Aurangjeb, Gandhi, Nehru,
and Patel; to Tata, Birla, and Ambani. A country that can boast of
excellence in practically every domain of human endeavor is likely to
have contributed to management thoughts in a significant way. The
inaugural conference of the Indian Academy of Management (IAOM) is
committed to the study and propagation of ideas that capture Indian
management from diverse perspectives (certainly not restricted to
indigenous research initiatives/thought pursued by Indian scholars based
in India but warmly welcome it from overseas as well). We are happy to
announce that Professor Angelo DeNisi (President Academy of Management,
USA) has agreed to be a keynote speaker at the Inaugural Conference of
the IAOM to be held during December 28-30, 2009 at XLRI Jamshedpur. We
invite your involvement and greatly appreciate your support to this
exciting and promising initiative.

We invite papers and symposia that will help showcase the discovery of
aspects of Indian management that have already been researched and are
well established as well as those that need to be addressed and
developed. We hope the conference will further create an opportunity for
a dialogue among Indian and international scholars that will help the
global village address human needs of people from the top to the bottom
of the human economic pyramid. India related management practices are
likely to contribute to this venture in a significant way, and we would
like this conference to set the stage for a meaningful long-term
dialogue among scholars.


India was an economic superpower until 1760, and accordingly led the
world with management ideas and practices. But much of that was lost
with its colonization and the struggle to shed the colonial ideas in the
last 250 years. India is now again emerging as an economic power, and
business schools are focusing on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and
China) nations instead of the Triadian market of US, Europe, and Japan.
Thus, it is important to further focus our research energy on Indian
management and reveal about what is unique about Indian management -
good or bad, effective or inefficient, beautiful or ugly.

We hope that this conference will be useful for researchers and
practitioners who are interested in India in general and management
practices related to India both within and outside India in particular.

... rest deleted for brevity, send mail if you want it


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Ram Rajya at XLRI? Really?

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