Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pak soldiers prefer fighting 'Hindu India' than Taliban 'muslim friends'

mar 13th, 2009

but of course. the ummah is thicker than water.

no pakistani wants to kill any terrorist, so long as he is a mohammedan. 

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Pakistan soldiers prefer fighting 'Hindu India' than Taliban 'muslim friends' : Report

London, May 10 : Pakistan Government may claim that it is fighting its 'own war' in the North West Frontier Province's Malakand and Swat Divisions, and is not merely taking action under the US pressure, but one thing is quite evident that the Pakistani army do not want to pump bullets into their 'muslim friends' rather they prefer fighting against India.

Amid all frantic calls being made by the international community, and especially by the Obama Administration that the real threat to Pakistan comes from its internal factors and not from India, majority of its security personnel still believe that India remains their primary threat, the Telegraph reports.

The report stated that even though the Pakistan army has made sacrifices in its fight against terrorism,
soldiers trained and dedicated to the idea of fighting "Hindu India" resent the idea of killing fellow Muslims on their own soil.

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sands said...

Guyz OFT in 3 days time once again our secular congress returns to power and 5 more years of rule i hope the hindu ethos survives till 2014 else .. i shruder to think .. only bright spot is if hinduism can survive aurangzeb then manmohan singh is still not that much of treat ..
on a postive note there will much pseduo secular activity so much to blog about so keep it rolling !!!

K. Rajmohan said...

What about killing Bangladeshis.
Pakistan did not have any compunction about it...Are they not Muslims ?