Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Doc is Coming

Oh, and look at the latest lovely news: Prince-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi will soon be making his ascension to his "rightful" throne, by becoming a cabinet minister. To hear our Congress supporters tell it, 1.2 billion people are to be gifted to him like a family heirloom.

What has this little flunker ever done in his life? Has he completed any kind of degree, from while he was partying away in college abroad? Did he ever actually do anything with his life? No, he's some worthless idiot -- some flunk-out loser who never made anything of himself in life. So now, his mama Sonia has decided to rescue him from mediocrity, by grooming him as the next leader for the country. She's going to make a gift of the country to him, you see. We'll all be gift-wrapped by the party henchmen, as baubles locked in their family chest.

India doesn't need overgrown fratboys to be put in charge of its desperate problems, like poverty and unemployment. India needs sound leadership from those with the skills and wisdom to pull it out of its over half-century of stupor.

The Congress Party's Personality Cult and the legions of sycophants who sustain it are very bit as ruthless and corrupt as those sustaining Kim Jong Il, or Bashar Assad, or Hosni Mubarak. Now Mubarak is also grooming his son for power -- all for perfectly good reasons, the sycophants will tell you -- and of course, the biggest argument to be trotted out in support of this will be "if you don't support us, those religious chauvinists will win!"

This is the age-old cry of the corrupt family oligarchy and kleptocracy. This is how wily crooks like the Congress Party have survived for so long. This is their latest gimmick or schtick. Now we're going to be stuck with little Baby Doc lording it over us.

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