Friday, May 22, 2009

more on luuuv and peas in cheriyathura, trivandrum

may 22nd, 2009
it turns out that 400 mohammedans armed with serious bombs (not even really crude ones, either: with gelatine and detonators) were marching towards the christist enclave, where 600 christists had been mobilized.
it looked like luuuuv was going to take a big hit from peas.
therefore the police fired and killed 6 peas-ful mohammedans.
and the christists are terrified peas will break out again soon.
incidentally, the govt gave rs. 10 lakhs to the kin of each peas-ful guy killed.
moral: to get money from the government, become a mohammedan carrying gelatine bombs and marching to attack christists. or hindus. or anybody.

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What place as this? You what it doesn't matter. Kahin bhi ho, inki aukaad yahi hai.