Sunday, May 24, 2009

how very convenient: india to become big arms buyer from US, that will be the next headline

may 24th, 2009

more in the "how india is becoming a supplicant to the US" file. this is all part of the obama plan to "declare victory in afghanistan and move on". there will soon be demands for india to send troops to afghanistan to support the 'logistics' deal. and then demands for india to move troops out of kashmir so that pakistan can move troops to afghanistan. in other words, make it easier for terrorists to move in and take over. that is ISI kills some of their own (==taliban) in SWAT, while more ISI (=='kashmiri freedom fighters') walk into kashmir.

btw, very interesting to see hindu-hater krittivas mukherjee who edited this is not anti-US. therefore he is not a communist. so maybe some of my friends who claim the US is the greater enemy of hindus (more than the chinese) are after all correct in the matter.

you still think yanks didn't have a vested interest in doctored EVMs?

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