Tuesday, February 03, 2009

why the communists in kerala support pinarayi vijayan, the accused in the big lavalin scam

feb 3rd, 2009

why, because they want to also enjoy the fruits of large-scale corruption.

quote from the article below:

[ze comrades] want everyone to have the right to travel in executive class in the best airlines, to be able to send their children to the best universities in the world and to build houses that looked like palaces, like the one Pinarayi built in his village Pinarayi in Kannur district.

end quote

and how will they do that except through squeezing ye olde capitalists?

the comrades are very good at hypocrisy. i had a classmate at IIT Madras who was the son of some big-time communist fellow from kerala. he used to rant and rave against the yanks, in fact continuously and annoyingly so. but guess where he went to do his master's degree? drum roll... yes, america. guess where he has been living for decades? yes, america.

why didn't he go to the soviet union or china? well, that's for the common people, the plebeians. PLUs (people-like-us) don't do that. just like i am sure all burqa dutt is not sending her own kids to madrassas. 


Ghost Writer said...


you should add China lover-boy N Ram to the list- this "radicalised" blighter who is an america hater himself went to Columbia U - as I think did his son.

this is the case with all "revolutionaries" - the revolution is strictly for the masses not for them. just like the muslim aristocracy in UP/Bihar supported pakistan's creation, but themselves immigrated to iraq, britain and other "infidel" countries

bloody hyocrites

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Patriciai Josef said...

Beef ban is creating a great impact especially in kerala, I'm from Tamil Nadu, on sunday a keralite student was beaten by abvp activists, I hope that CM Kerala will take a right descision among with his ministers and request the central government to lift the ban as it is going to affect the kerala state more. Now the ball is in BJP court. Lets see what they are going to do. till Then Peace !!!!!!