Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UN Probe into Bhutto Murder

This is a good way for the US to really put Pak's praetorian generals from the ISI and army on the ropes. Now the UN is launching an inquiry into the Bhutto assassination. I'm sure it will dig up some very interesting trails that some Pakistanis in high places would rather not see pursued. This is what the Pak military have earned, thanks to their stunts against US/NATO forces.


nizhal yoddha said...

au contraire, i read "eyewash".

i hear they are asking judge "godhra was a case of spontaneous combustion" banerjee to investigate the bhutto murder.

i can tell you who he'll find guilty: musharraf's dog buddy. we accurately identified on this blog this master criminal, a true professor moriarty -- really clever of him to wear a dog disguise, which nobody but nobody would find suspicious.

Sudhir said...;+Police;+lathicharg&SectionName=UOaHCPTTmuP3XGzZRCAUTQ==

Police resorted to mild lathicharge and arrested 18 youth Congress workers in front of Central College campus on Wednesday, when they tried to barge in and disrupt a programme related to the government’s controversial anti-terrorism drive in college campuses.