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Only a Gandhi can be king - By Swapan Dasgupta

feb 1, 2009

to add to this comment, it is an observed fact that dynastic bloodlines thin very rapidly. just look at the dynasties of ancient india, or for that matter the limey kings. typically, one smart, tough guy builds the dynasty, and his successors are dissolute, debauched, and debased individuals, who rapidly lose the empire.

examples include the mughals. after akbar, soon you have... aurangazeb! an incomparable idiot. even the mauryas declined precipitously after asoka.

similarly, in the nehru dynasty, the smartest two guys were motilal and his elder brother. jawaharlal was a mediocrity. indira had a certain level of guts and cunning. rajiv nehru was a cipher, a nothing. now look at his son and daughter. not one of these worthies (after jawahar managed a low third-class degree (i think) with much huffing and puffing) managed to get a degree in anything -- even in advanced basket-weaving -- even from the allahabad agricultural university, which gave john dayal his phd in... you-know-what. i am surprised they didn't go to one of the christist colleges in kerala, which would have given them any degree they wanted. astonishing, for decades after jawahir got his degree, not one in the dynasty succeeded in doing so, until feroze (son of sanjay) did. and of course feroze is out in the cold -- even in the dynasty, some people are more equal than others.

the other point to note is that anybody in the kkkangress who is a threat to the nehru dynasty mysteriously... disappears. they didn't manage to do that to narasimha rao, who was the cleverest PM india had, and probably took steps to ensure his own security, like seriously incriminating evidence that he had squirrelled away somewhere. but look at sitaram kesri -- deposed while being locked up in the toilet. or scindia, or pilot or for that matter sanjay nehru. really mysterious, these plane accidents, no? so the young scindia and pilot and whatnot had better watch out that they do not outshine the king-in-waiting, complete with columbian girlfriend.

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Only a Gandhi can be king

by Swapan Dasgupta

FRONT PAGE | Sunday, February 1, 2009

Last week, a tabloid newspaper whose political leanings are best described as anti-BJP and pro-sensational, lampooned the saffron party for being complete losers in the so-called youth race. It arbitrarily selected some BJP members of the Rajya Sabha, most in their late-50s, and contrasted their non-youthfulness with Congress celebrities in their 30s, all elected members of the Lok Sabha. The implication was clear: The BJP is a party of fuddy-duddies and only the Congress offers hope to the New India that loves going partying in pubs, networking on Facebook and livening up the social life of Lutyens' Delhi.

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The hierarchy of dynastic India is defined and unshakable. The slumdog can be a millionaire but only a Gandhi is King.




Pankaj said...

Now that you mention Scindia and Pilot, I am reminded of one more person, Jitendra Prasad who also died all of a sudden.

I am not sure but; but I think he was the only person to challange Sonia for the post of party chief.
Please refer this link I just Googled:

Arvind said...

I believe they used to have fourth class degree those days and that is what Nehru was awarded.