Monday, February 02, 2009

nicole: Godhra: The True Story

feb 1, 2009

this is a must read: it is a detailed analysis of godhra by the french-born nicole, who has lived in india for thirty+ years. this was published first in french and this is an english translation of the same. it gives you an idea of how warped the media and the establishment are in india.

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Dear friends this is the internet link of the article I wrote on the Godhra events:
Warmly, Nicole

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Sudarshan said...

Nicole has put into one write-up numerous facts which we knew in scraps, and also much that is new (to me at least). She deserves our gratitude for such painstaking work.
BTW in the last couple of days the media has kicked off the latest congress campaign against Modi by saying that it wasn't actually he who's responsible for Gujarat's progress. (The old corrupt and inefficient congress would have caused it anyway).