Saturday, February 07, 2009

do unto italians in india what italians do unto indians in italy

feb 7th, 2009

sounds fair to me. besides, that is what the alleged jesus allegedly said, right? do unto others blah blah blah? eh, ratzy and other blighters living in italy?

they burned this poor indian immigrant who was sleeping on a park bench. this man has been identified as navtej singh sidhu. oh, a sikh. who cares? manmohan "lapsed sikh" surely lost no sleep over him.

italians are pretty good at fascism, and they invented sadism. see the film 'salo, or the 120 days of sodom' (warning: extremely disturbing). the 120 days part is the title of the marquis de sade's book on how to torture and abuse people.

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Italy torn by racial strains

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