Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chinese earthquake that killed 80,000 last year may have been man-made, say scientists

feb 3rd, 2009

yet another reason why hydroelectric power projects and large dams are not a great idea. 

simple: we do not understand the hydrology and geology well enough. this remains one of my main objections to the rama setu project as well. i remember the havoc the army corps of engineers has wrought in florida by interfering with the wetlands and the rivers' meandering courses. 

i cringe when people talk about big dams, or, my good friend kalyanraman's favorite project, the river interlinking project. 

i also cringe when people talk confidently of carbon capture and sequestration -- that is, sticking large amounts of carbon dioxide into underground caverns. we have no idea what the long-term consequences are.

these are some reasons why i have become a believer in renewable energy, especially solar and wind and tidal.

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