Thursday, October 27, 2005

wired news article on ajax, microsoft

oct 27th

interesting article that suggests that ajax has been around for some time and that microsoft invented it :-)

of course they have a new and improved proprietary alternative :-),1282,69316,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3


DarkStorm said...

Microsoft dug its own grave then :)

I talked to a senior architect at my cybercoolie job, about AJAX. He told me that now MS is adopting AJAX. MS is known for its ability to replicate the dominant tech, better it and release it to the market (mostly for a fee )

DarkStorm said...

I dont like this JavaScript part thing in AJAX. It already must have put off hundreds of programmers across the world.

I hope it turns out that some other prog language can also be used. Maybe java or C family or VB.

The architect also told me it is more suited for presentation rather than actual processing. Seems logical too.

Randhir said...

Ahem.. [gloat]been telling you all along folks [/gloat]

san said...

News article on Google's latest new move:,aid,123256,00.asp

There is some speculation that they're trying to encroach upon EBay, but actually it looks more to me like they're trying to go the Wiki way.

Joshua Issac said...

DarkStorm, what you're saying doesn't make sense. You're talking about MS using Ajax, a technology that they invented and has been using for a very long time. They are not charging a fee for it, either. Stop talking nonsense.