Thursday, October 27, 2005

From the mailbox: Shankaracharya's case moved out of TN

oct 27th

small mercies. so shouldn't we be agitating for jayalalitha and manmohan to resign?

clearly the attack on hh the kanchi swamiji is religious oppression of the worst kind. he is one who has been very friendly to shudras and harijans. i have personally interviewed him and observed him. the reason he has been targeted is that he has been preventing the christists from meeting their conversion targets.

it is a red herring that swami jayendra sarasvati is a brahmin. in a state full of 'dravida' zealots like t r baalu who proclaim how much they hate hinduism, only the brahmins have kept hinduism alive. it is bullshit to say that no hindu rioted in the streets because the swami is a brahmin. hindus should have been rioting in the streets, but unfortunately we are too civilized for that.

in fact, if the state attacked mata amritanandamayi, who is of fisherman origin, then too hindus won't riot in the streets. it has nothing to do with caste. it is just that unlike semitics, hindus do not kill for religion. this was remarked upon with great wonder by alberuni many centuries ago.

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Date: Oct 26, 2005 11:17 AM
Subject: Shankaracharya's case moved out of TN
To: rajeev

The Kanchi case has been moved out of state! Please note the observations of the SC bench. Did you read that in any major English publication!! These same shamless subverts (*&^%$#@) conducted a media by trial when the seers were implicated!!
Here is a link to kanchi-sathya site for more information.
Please give this publicity in your blog, if you think it is appropriate justice.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a beginning to get justice. I wonder why people in general trust unworthy, unscrupulous politicians (JJ, Sonia etc) rather than believing in great Seers. Let truth dawn upon all those bird-brain idiots that DHARMA will win.

mitra said...

So, you have reached a conclusion that Shankaracharya is innocent of all charges. What is the basis of your conclusion, may I ask? Are you an expert in Criminal law ?

What is the justification for Hindus to agitate? The trial court has found a prima facie case in the charge sheet filed by police. The charges are serious: murder/conspiracy to murder and attract the death penalty or imprisonment for life if convicted. All non-bailable offences must lead to arrest of the accused; this is the law of the land and there are no exceptions. One can get bail after arrest as shankaracharya has got. No one; not even the president can allow deviation from the Code of Crimial procedure. Are you suggesting that Jayendra Saraswati is not bound by the laws of the country?

Anonymous said...

When I overturn the electoral law so as to nullify a court verdict holding me guilty of corrupt electoral practices; when I prostitute the Constitution to clamp the country in an Emergency; or to dismis state governments at will; when I overturn the law to an old indigent woman; when I do not implement its orders on Cauvery; on shifting a grave or two in Varanasi, on clearing out shops in Jaipur, on demolishing illegal additions to a mosque in Calcutta; when I use the courts to stall proceedings against those who have looted the country as in Bofors; when moreover the courts go along with all this, by prevarication if nothing else - I cannot turn around and shout, "But they must wait for the court verdict." I won't.

mitra said...

What is the above commenter trying to suggest; that we bring in a constitutional amendment to put shankaracharya beyond the Criminal laws? Is this being suggested as per Manusmriti where it is mentioned that a Brahmin should not be punished even if he has committed murder(or should just be fined)? Do we have such laws in any country?

Please get this in you head; even if such protection of laws was possible, Shankaracharya is a nobody. Atleast in North India, hardly anyone knows about him, and fewer do care. If known, he is percieved as the Brahminical, backward, seeped in vedic mumbo-jumbo, face of Hinduism. I suspect many people are happy at his arrest; Mutts being widely percieved as dens of corruption, hypocricy and vices.

Anonymous said...

Mitra (naw! Chatru would be better),

I am eager to call you names but will not. You are just a devil's advocate if not the devil!

Just answer the following questions without digressing into your hate mongering.

1. No accused is guilty till proven so. If not, many political leaders of India from Maino Sonia down to J, MK , many cassock clad Christian religious leaders, many commies, many NGOs, many human rights groups, and many turbaned mullahs will find no reprive from the iron fist of the so called "rule of law"! The onus of responsibility to prove the crime is on the accuser and not the accused! So why is the Shankaracharya convicted without a trial? Why was he jailed with no based on mere allegation? What makes you the legal expert!

2. Which court is more credible the Supreme court or some low level sessions court that is under the control of the state machinery? The Supereme court had already said that there was no prima facie in its bail verdict and now in this transfer verdict.

3. Will you have the balls to apologize to His Holiness (besides this forum), and convert to Hindu Dharma if He is exonerated -- remember you are the one slandering a civilization and its leaders!

Read the details of the case from before exhibiting your ignorance and demonstrating your hate for the Hindus. You have been surely brainwashed by some fundamentalist ideology -- it is a shame that you put your mind to such a waste. Man! everyone is inherently good, you seem to be so inherently vile and virulent and that is completely clouding your goodness. I feel sorry for you, in fact I pity you! Wake up you dumbo!

mitra said...

Anonymous said:

"you seem to be so inherently vile and virulent and that is completely clouding your goodness. I feel sorry for you, in fact I pity you! Wake up you dumbo!

I shall not comment much on your insufferably patronizing attitude. But, the way in which you have used terms like jailed, convicted etc without understanding the meanings shows that you are innocent of even basic knowledge of Criminal justice system. So, I take the liberty to offer you a crash course in the Code of Criminal Procedure:

1. Criminal cases are clasiified as :

a. Cognizable(serious, where police may arrest without warrant) and non-cog(trivial, orders of magistrate are required for arrest)
b. Non-bailable(serious, like murder,rape) and bailable(trivial): the difference is that in Non-bailable cases, bail can only be given by judge while in bailable, incharge of police station can do so.

Murder(s 302) is a cognizable, non-bailable offence. Conspiracy to murder is the same.

2. Initiation of a Non-cog case starts with registering of FIR.

3. If the Investigating officer feels that there is some substance in FIR, he initiates investigation, arrests the accused and takes statements of the accused and witnesses.

4. Based on outcome of investigation, the police either charge-sheets(refers the matter for trial) or submits FR(ending the matter).

5. Based on the severity of offence, different trial courts are designated; Murder is tried by the highest trial court--court of Sessions.

6. Trial starts with framing of formal charge agaist the accused -- framing of charge is contested by defence lawyers. At this stage , if the court feels that there is insufficient evidence for trial, the accused is discharged.

7. If charges are framed, the trial starts formally. Evidence is led by prosecution. If prosecution is unable to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, the accused is aquitted. Otherwise, the defence may, if it wishes, lead its own evidence.

8. At the end of evidence, arguements are made, followed by a judgement(descriptive part) and the order(operative part). Conviction is a formal term which means that the accused has been found guilty of the charge. This is combined with sentencing.

The sankaracharya case has reached the stage of trial and evidence will now be taken. The trial court has framed charges. The arrest was made during investigation--completely legal.

mitra said...

Point No 2 should read as initiation of a cognizable offence. Non-cog offences can only be investigated on orders of a magistrate.

Anonymous said...

First anony "mitra"khin has his head so far up his ass his comments make no sense. There's no use debating him. Ignoring his mindless rants is the best method even if you find his thought process pathetic. No mercy-debating with the village idiot on obvious truths. The old hindu saying of reading the geeta in front of the donkey benefits neither is an apt description. Btw, i'm loving the activist judges in supreme court for a change and the younger generation of indians that is kicking serious butt.

mitra said...

Anonymous said:
"2. Which court is more credible the Supreme court or some low level sessions court that is under the control of the state machinery? The Supereme court had already said that there was no prima facie in its bail verdict and now in this transfer verdict."

One needs to appreciate that the High courts/Supreme court operate at a plane different from Trial courts. The Court of Sessions is not a lowly court. It is the highest court of trial and the only one which is capable of convicting and sentencing the accused. The higher courts can only sit in appeal.

There is a fundamental difference. Magistrate and sessions courts are "courts of record" as contrasted from higher courts which are courts of appeal. Courts of record take evidence . Courts of reference can only go into points of law and that whether the evidence was correctly interpreted or not. This is a severe limitation. I do not think that the Supreme court can commit the impropriety of commenting on the merits of a case while the trial is on. Please show me excerpts of SC's judgement where it has said that there is no prima facie case.

You also need to understand that a bail hearing is not a trial on merits of the vase. The only issue to be decided here is whether the accused should be granted bail or whether doing so will endanger the investigation.

Anonymous said...


Police/CBI are putting frequent flyer miles around the country looking for Sahabudding - the Siwan MP for past 2 months. Where's he? Any clues?

How many weeks was it before sitting MP cabinet coal minister Shibu Soren was located by the brought to justice?

Why did AP govt prevent the maulana from being arrested (the one charged by courts on Gujarat politican Naren Pandya murder case)

You can rant till the crows come home (if they ever) preaching all about law/order FIR and judicial process. If grand jury in can pass indictiments on the proverbial ham sandwich, in India warrants on President of India and Cheif Justice of India is available of less than Rs 50K (hope you followed that case).

Kanchi Seer's walking free - chew on that and compared to the hundreds of other criminals in every state legistlature and parliament, not many would mind this seer out serving his people.

mitra said...

My dear anonymous,

I have not expressed any opinion on the facts of the case. Neither you nor I can say whether Sankaracharya is guilty , or not. Please get that into your thick head.This is a matter to be decieded by the trial court.

I have only said that the arrest of Shankaracharya was not illegal. Since he was a named accused, police were bound to arrest him.

mitra said...


I asked you for proof that SC has expressed its opinion on the merits of the case. Do you have it or would you like to slink away after making ad hominem attacks as usual?

And secondly; what has Shankaracharya done to claim an exalted position? What have been his contributions towards Hindu society? What is so great about heading a school of Advaita philosophy esp when Advaita is nothing original but largely a plagiarisation of Buddhism.

doubtinggaurav said...

***** is named as the official troll of this blog.
He/She/It indulges in pseudo logic with intention to slander and malign.
Everyone is requested to approach him/her/it with utmost caution and biohazard suit.
Anyone guilty of causing physical injury to our troll will not be prosecuted, as Indian law is silent about trolls.


mitra said...

Doubtinggaurav said:

"Anyone guilty of causing physical injury to our troll will not be prosecuted, as Indian law is silent about trolls.

And thats not all. A further protection is available. The Indian Penal Code exempts Idiots and persons of unsound mind from culpability in respect of any offence committed by them (IPC, Chapter IV - General exceptions, Sec 86)

doubtinggaurav said...

But trolls are not idiots.

However they may be categorized as possessing unsound mind, if malicious is considered unsound,although what I suspect is, its more due to boredom.

mitra said...

doubtinggaurav said:
"But trolls are not idiots.

You misunderstood, as usual. Exemption is for the assaulter, not the assaulted.

Anonymous said...

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mitra said...

The above anonymous is surely covered under exemptions under Sec 86, Chapter IV of Indian Penal Code.

Anonymous said...

You are not covered by any human law, you ape. Thou are not human.

mitra said...

Thou???? use of latin????

surely a christist!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apes with nordic genes up their ass can't make out the difference between a Hindu & a christist.

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mitra said...

My dear Anonymous,

Forget all this acrimony. You and I slugging it out is not going to prove anything. To each his own way.

Have you noticed how us Indians are serious all the time and then go on to make a royal ass of ourselves in all matters. While the Goras: they enjoy and make the right decisions and build empires. look at all those Indian blogs: all talk about economy, politics , religion --- old men in young bodies. And the western blogs -- discuss everything -- even the most outrageous.

Do you think it has something to do with missing the pleasures of life that we are so bitter and feel prosecuted all the time.

Anonymous said...

Mitra said..

And the western blogs -- discuss everything

Show me some western blogs that discuss everything, and show me how different it is from what we discuss here. Everybody discusses the same damn issues that we discuss here, in general.

I interact with Goras, ABCD's, and Indians all the time. I have met persons from every continent on this earth, except Antarctica. I have an informed opinion of each nationality due to this interaction. There is not much of a difference between different races/nationalities when it comes to basic human tendencies. I have met a lot of good people and some obnoxious racist bastards like yourself from every nationality, to whom I give my middle finger.

I am proud of my Indian ancestry and am very proud of our ancient as well as our very recent achievements(what you derogatorily call as cyber-coolie). I know what we Indians are worth first-hand from these Goras. So stop your bloody rant. I know it is hard for you to understand as you have been caught up in the rut of casteist politics of the Bimaru states and never have moved out. Case of frog in the well. Show me one great Gora civilization which is still standing for the past 5000+ years.

You said .. Forget all this acrimony. You and I slugging it out is not going to prove anything. To each his own way.

Great. Get out of this blog while you can. If you are gonna keep to your old attitude and venom towards other Indian communities, without offering an apology, expect more retribution from all of us.

mitra said...

As a rule, I dont discuss personalities. So, if you have an issue worth discussing; welcome. Otherwise, you are welcome to go to hell in anyway you like: Vedic, post-vedic, dvaita, advaita - garnished with Manu/ shankaracharya - whatever. Take your pick.

As for me, its time for heaven: vodka, on the rocks; ah! the bliss!

mitra said...

You many also like to read about "anal fixation" in the works of freud. Dont worry; a few "freud for dummies" books are available; so it shouldn't be too difficult. And you may always ask me if you dont understand.

In view of the frequent use of anal related terminology in your posts, i feel the topic may be relevant for you. The stage normally passes by 6 yrs. But regrettably, in some cases, it may persist into adulthood. Known to cause an obsessive personality.

Anonymous said...


I asked you for proof that SC has expressed its opinion on the merits of the case.
I thought your opinion on Shankaracharya is being discussed here and not SCs. Since you have one on every hindu issue no matter what the SC has said or not.

And secondly; what has Shankaracharya done to claim an exalted position? What have been his contributions towards Hindu society? What is so great about heading a school of Advaita philosophy esp when Advaita is nothing original but largely a plagiarisation of Buddhism.

So secondly what's all this got to do with the criminal case? Or should we lock up the seer based on your rants that he's not done much for society.
Your bias and prejudice has (once again) been exposed. Thanks - enjoy that vodka and do some of us a favor by not trolling in your intoxicated state.

mitra said...


One of your anonymii made a claim that SC has found no prima facie case - so I asked him for the excerpts.

As for me , I have no opinion on Shankaracharya, apart from my general opinion on Mutts and sages and what generally goes on there.

Anonymous said...

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doubtinggaurav said...

"A fool's brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education. "


I think there is a big crack through which trolls are coming
do we have a troll slayer?

mitra said...

Sorry. No gutter language will be responded to.I am watching Sachin's batting and dont want to spoil the fun. Do you get the telecast in your place?

Anonymous said...

mitra said...

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mitra said...

Doubting gaurav:

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mitra said...


and please ask your anonymii friend to be polite. He seems to be in a trance.

Anonymous said...

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mitra said...

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Anonymous said...

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