Sunday, October 09, 2005

Open Letter to Sandeep Pandey

oct 10th

yes indeed, hard questions for sandeep pandey.

i wonder how he will slime out of these. he should be forced to be accountable for his actions.

as for the magsaysay award, it is usually given to leftist anti-national indians. it's a lot like the nobel peace prize nominations for hundreds of indian women: a tamasha.

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From: Viren
Date: Oct 9, 2005 7:06 PM
Subject: Open Letter to Sandeep Pandey
To: Rajeev Srinivasan

Though you guys would be interested.....
Open letter to Sandeep Pandey:

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Randhir said...

Don't be fooled by ASHA's oft repeated propoganda that Ramon Magsaysay was anti-commie so Sandeep Pandey couldn't be a commie at all. Let's not forget, Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Peace Prize) made his fortune on gun-powder which is hardly symbol of peace.

satish said...

Nowadays, I am scared of giving out donations to anyone. Dont know where the money will land up. :)
Never donate to NGOs without researching on them. They might be a front for terror organizations , like AID is.

Why doesnt the Government ban sandeep panday and his money laundering fronts, inspite of proven links with Naxals and Muslim jehadis. Ohh.. they must prove they are secular.. right.

Instead, I donate to a Gurudwara, and a school run by a Hindu religious trust.

Kalyani said...

The best and the most worthy place to donate (apologies for using the word 'donate')is a Veda Patashalai(s).This is what Kanchi Paramacharya advises.

The nithya anushtanams (rites)which they do like Gayathri japam,Samitha Dhanam(bachelors),Aupasanam(married men)and the like, benefit the entire world,including the waterbodies,animals,birds,flora etc.True to the spirit of Mathew Arnold's poem "Quiet Work",they are the ones who effectively sustain this world.

I have seen some of them in interior Southern India;their lifestyle is so spartan;unenviable;no luxuries like late rising on Sundays at all,plus dietary restrictions and periodic fasts.In fact,Sri Acharya says,Bharatha Desam, as Rajeev said elsewhere is "truly blessed",with its core culture and values intact despite repeated and brutal onslaught by evil forces,is due to the strength of this 'Vedic Chanting'and rites and rituals.

So bolstering them is akin to watering and nourishing the roots of a tree;the entire leaves,flowers,fruits and branches,the soil,the whole chain is benefitted.

I am appalled when rascals like that virus (I don't even want to type the name)keep spitting venom about Vedam and Vedic Brahmins.

I feel so blessed writing in Rajeev's blog as he is an earnest devotee of God.And so are many kindred minds,who read his articles
and respond(or not).

Chee,I never thought this virus would alight here.

There is an interesting anecdote related to this:

Once an infamously arrogant congresswala told Sri Acharya Swamigal that "social workers and missionaries are the ones who contribute to the society's welfare unlike you people who sit and chant manthrams".

Swamigal replied "The tubelights in the streets talk among themselves...."look at the power generating station sitting idle while we are the ones shedding light everywhere"!"

Anonymous said...

Donating to Christist and Islamic NGOs is like funding hatred and paedophile.We should boycott them completely.
Instead provide for non-deveswom temples, which has a pada-shala or related charities. Deveswom temples are looted by the state governments.
Giving to mutts like Mata Amrithanathamayi mutt, Kanchi mutt is another option.

mitra said...


Please take care of our friend, the learned Kalyani. This man is about to burst a Coronary anytime now.Have you not noticed a precipitous decline in his brainstem integrity in the last few days. He seems to have become a walking, Vedam chanting Zombie. His Brahminical curses demanding death and destruction for Mullah-Mao-Macaulian-Christists are leaving me very afraid; almost trembling in fear.

Kalyani, my learned brahminical friend, hopefully you can still read coherently between fits of Paranoid Schizophrenia and Auditory Hallucinations. Those buffaloes seam to have taken a real toll on your sanity. If only your Brahminical forefathers could have seen your very unbrahminical state now. You have been overcome by passions. Tch...Tch. You have immersed yourself in Maya. Why such sympathy for Kashmiri Pundits. Does it really matter to Atman whether it is located in Kashmir valley or in a refugee camp in Delhi. Such agyan. I fear that your next birth may be among the Coelentrata.

Have you also ot spawned a demon called "Man without a Cerebral Cortex" who is prowling and tormenting me. He speaks in such mantras as can only be understood by buffaloes(rishis) after a thousand year of study. I offer you a sample:

" Mitro Khin,

When Macaulay fked and tittilated the ones with imported Cerebral Cortex, they did it with such a force that it ensured their conversion. Such hindus have no right to be intolerant, they should be slaughtered in Bangladesh. How did you survive ?
# posted by Man without Cerebral Cortex : 10/10/2005 6:20 AM

It appears Mitro Khin is in serious confusion, did't he cheat in not being slaughtered in Bangladesh ?So unfortunate !
# posted by Man without Cerebral Cortex : 10/10/2005 7:15 AM "

I am sure even you may not be able to decipher the high philosophy hidden within each word of this outpouring, especially since your Brahminical wisdom seems to have seriously declined recently . But, can you please try.

Get well soon.

Arun said...

I have a few questions for ASHAwadis that the anonymous grad student has not touched upon. Staunch ASHAwadis in this forum perhaps can shed light on these questions.

1. Pretty obvious, why is he in US when he is so opposed to the US.

2. Sandeep Pandey has been a stalwart for rights of Muslims in India. Sandeep Pandey also runs a movement - ASHA for education - that promises to bring quality education for the poorest of the poorest in India. Some of the poorest of the poor and least educated in India are the Muslims. Saudi Arabia, a 250 billion dollar economy, perhaps is the biggest donor of muslim scholarship in India. Arguably all - as in 100% - of it goes towards Madrasa education - one Pandey should should not call "quality education".

My question is - how much has Saudi Arabia, its Sheikhs, its citizens contributed to ASHA for "quality education" as judged by ASHA. Has Pandey ever approached Saudi Arabia with ASHA's education plan? Has anyone in ASHA done that?

3. I know ASHA being the secular champion and all will never ask this question but - how many muslim donors can ASHA show? Since ASHA is very careful about the donors' money going exactly where the donor wished, then exactly where did its muslim donors wish their money went?

4. Sandeep Pandey lives in Lucknow - a hotbed for Islamic seminaries - infact the CBSE of Islamic education. He was awarded the Magsaysay award. The citation was profuse in his contribution to education for the less privileged. I'd like to know what has been his energy (as in time, effort, lectures, arguments) dealing with Islamic education in his backyard. Has he approached even one Islamic seminary in Lucknow? Does ASHA have even one program in Lucknow or elsewhere, where the "majority" of its students are poor Muslims getting quality modern education? What has been his energy level devoted to these seminaries as opposed to Coke which is still a urban phenomenon?

A Proud Hindu said...

If we really want to destroy the likes of Sandeep Pandey and ASHA then donate your money to Hindu Charities such as Sewa USA or Ekal Vidyalaya. These two organizations are doing tremendous work in uplifting in the Hindu society worldwide. Ekal Vidyalaya runs close to 14,000 schools and educates nearly 450,000 students every day in the remote tribal villages of India. These guys are doing great service by preventing tribal villagers from becoming prey of Christian Missionaries or Terrorist, as well as imparting basic education to "forgotten" Indians.

Anonymous said...

AID and ASHA key functionary rejoice as earthquake kills thousands