Monday, October 10, 2005

frontpagemag: britain's war on pigs

oct 10

you're heard of america's Bay of Pigs episode against cuba (they trained a bunch of cuban expats to attack castro, and it failed miserably).

going by this article, i guess they'll have to rename it the Bay of Four-Legged Animals to avoid hurting religious sentiments.

now they are banning pigs in britain to avoid hurting religious sentiments!

this is hilarious, multiculturalism gone really to extremes. britain is getting to be as dhimmi as india is. couldn't have happened to a more deserving nation. londonistan as the future center of the mohammedan caliphate of europe, the bbc taken over by pakistanis, now this.

when londonistan becomes their capital, you know what they'll do to st. paul's cathedral. what the christists did to the big mosque in granada. 'convert' the cathedral to a mohammedan structure. this is what happened in istanbul: st. sophia's became a mosque.