Tuesday, October 25, 2005

me on rediff on the nuclear agreement

oct 25th

more reasons why sceptics like me believe this is a bad deal that india shouldnt touch with a barge-pole.


'that obscure object of desire' is one of the finest films of all time, from the surrealist master luis bunuel.


Dric said...

You said :"Manmohan Singh has issued anodyne statements assuring Indians that not all of India's civilian facilities will be turned over to the IAEA's intrusive inspections. However, that's not what the IAEA's ElBaradei thinks; and this is not what Nicholas Burns himself thinks."

Can give some links to confirm what these people have actually said.

I agree that "Solar" energy holds great promise in India.

DarkStorm said...

Yes, true about the solar energy part. It is the most abundant , and most trustworthy (in India at least), compared to wind or ocean thermal power.

Solar energy can be readily converted to electricity, or even fuel. Hydrogen from water. Fuel Cells. Till today , the tech to handle explosive hydrogen hasnt developed much, but in future, we might have fuel cells running on hydrogen, and burning to give .. Water!!

nizhal yoddha said...

here's elbaradei


"all civilian facilities" etc.

Raghu said...

It's very interesting reading Rajeev. Of all the respected people I read, only Swapan Dasgupta and K.Subramanyam think it's not such a bad deal. I don't understand all the details very well, but I am skeptical too. India has a reputation of never having negotiated any thing to their advantage. May be we can hope that the deal doesn't pass US Congress.